Dragon and Church

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Walking trough the woods, twoards the top of the mountain, I could feel nothing but the deep serenity that springs from the surrounding thickets.


However, the mountain was not always so peaceful.
As I read on a board near church, there once lived an evil dragon that vomited ominous torrential clouds. He did this with special joy, when the grain was ripening in the valley and the grapes were becoming nicely toned and juicy. As hail destroyed the crop year after year, people in distress turned to Saint Francis Xavier for help. When the church was built over the dragon's cave, the severe hours ceased, and the mountain took the name Peaceful mountain.


What a beautiful story! And what a beautiful photo. I always love to know the stories behind the buildings and historical sites. Thanks for sharing it with us. A big hug, and happy new year 2021.

I just love rural stories and legends.
Hugs and good wishes for new year to you too.