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Rep 70 is close but my feelings are mixed.

in esteem •  4 months ago  (edited)

I'm being more tongue-in-cheek than serious. You are one I would consider to have earned it.

One thing I like to make it a point is I work for the autovotes I receive whereas you will see some people get on autovoter and then set it on "cruise control" so to speak. I want to show people another way. A path that is fulfilling and work to transform Steem along with my "posse" that the rewards align to that.

Perhaps, we are starting to get there. In the past, we had some challenges (I speak from my experience as flag war veteran. ps @steemitboard / @arcange, can we get flag war medal? jk or am I? 😅) but it seems we are building a new culture.

More importantly, a culture that is more viable to those on the outside. This imo is crucial for mass adoption. Showing a modicum of fairness and making those that cheat face risks they had not experienced before.

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@arcange, can we get flag war medal?

I have been asked for this several times and have always declined. The main reason is that the SteemiBoard project aims to promote "positive" behavior. I'm not a big fan of downvotes, except when it comes to fighting against abuses, spams or scams.

But... But... Not all flag wars are negative??? I know the Haejin one resulting in more vote spread / curation.

I understand it can be beneficial to avoid controversial things. Just not my style,.

Just joking around w this meme but a flag war medal would be pretty dope imo


I like the meme and will think about the badge... no promises

Think it would be funny. Maybe you could base it on rshares like @flagawhale.

Make @steemitboard a little more spicy. You can be discreet about the specific flag debacle so as to not appear to be taking a position.

In other words, staying neutral but making things a little more spicy. I wouldn't even have it comment. I would just put it on their silently steemitboard page.

Bet you it would cause a buzz in good way. Either way you go, thanks for considering!