How To Prevent Corona Virus From Getting Infected?

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The world is increasingly chaotic with the spread of corona virus or Covid-19. Many countries or cities are declared lockdown status. Lockdown aims to lock the access in and out of people in the area so that the corona virus does not spread to other areas. In addition to the lockdown status, public places including transportation, terminals, airports and others as closed. Lockdown is the same as isolating the area so that the space for people in the area is limited to prevent the corona virus from spreading further.

WHO several days ago also issued a notice that the corona virus was a pandemic. Pandemic is the spread of new diseases throughout the world that affect everyone. WHO set a corona virus to be a pandemic in addition to being a new disease it also infects humans and causes serious illness. And this disease easily spreads to other humans.

But there is a very simple way to prevent infection with the corona virus, namely by minimizing contact with others. That is, you as much as possible not to leave the house and do activities in the house. Consider yourself infected with the corona virus so you don't want to infect others. In addition, you are also advised to wash your hands often with soap.

What will happen if you stay home?

Imagine if everyone refrained from going out of the house and not interacting with other people, then this virus will stop at you who have been infected, and not infected with other people. You also do not become the agent who transfers this corona virus to others.

In this way, the hospital will focus on treating patients infected with the corona virus. Because it doesn't increase the number of infected patients every day. Imagine if every day the number of patients infected with the corona virus increases. Hospitals and medical staff will be overwhelmed so that there will be filters. Those who are already severe will be left to die and those who are still newly infected will be treated by medical personnel. We don't want this to happen, so you become a network breaker of the corona virus spread by staying indoors.

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Good information. I am restricting myself to staying home. I am well supplied to not have to go anywhere for awhile. I cannot take the chance of bringing the virus into the house, given my wife's health and compromised immune system.

They are closing the schools in the area for at least a month. Universities are switching everything to on-line classes. All events involving a lot of people are being cancelled.

You have taken the right steps for health and safety together. Because corona virus prevention is currently the most effective by not leaving the house.

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