the advantage of keeping a cat at home

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Having a pet at home is a way to protect homes from things that are detrimental to homeowners, raising cats is the right way to conduct an ideal home supervision of a rat attack that harms many people. Because mice always make everyone lose due to their actions eating stored rice at home is not just in the rice fields, mice are acting up, but in every house the reptiles do it.
After harvesting in paddy fields, there are so many rats in the homes of people who are looking for rice to eat because there are many houses that keep cats to prevent rodent losses because cats will look for food chains, mice to eat, as domesticated cats are not surprised if the cat is considered part of the family by the owner of the house even they always feed the pet cat every time the cat feels hungry, like in my own house who keeps cats as animals that keep the stored rice in our house, not only that even cats Our pets have become great playmates, especially for my younger sister who is still small.
In the daily lives of our pet cats always go out to find food on their own even he is occasionally caught biting mice in his mouth, because of the attack of cats in our house from rat pests that make or lose a little, because every night a pet cat we always spy on mice in the room where our family stores rice.
Saving paddy for the future as a staple food everyday so that our family does not need to buy rice at glosir or klontong, besides saving this way it is also practical for family life especially when they do not have money to buy rice, in the presence The rice is stored, so our family has enough rice stock during the coming harvest.
Alhamdulillah, with the grace that God gave to our family, our family did not experience hunger.


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