flower decoration at wedding aisle

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Good night everyone Steemit friends
Today I want to explain a little about traditional aisle decorations combined with European-style style.
The decoration I mean is a wedding ceremony or when a new substitute praweding.
Wedding day is certainly the most special day for anyone. Every couple who will get married must have agreed to choose a certain theme that will be applied later. Starting from the concept, aisle decorations, room decorations, clothing, make-up style to souvenirs.
Careful preparation for the wedding day is needed. Not an easy matter does determine a theme for your most important event. Looking for references from various sources can be the best solution to help you find a wedding theme. One of them is a reference for wedding decorations.
traditional wedding decoration combines the unique colors of Aceh, namely red, yellow, green, and also the Acehnese kasab.
Many choose this decoration because they usually want to show Acehnese customs to guests, especially if there are guests from outside Aceh. In addition to the aisle, there is also a demand for photo booths and eating places while still using traditional decorations.
Along with the development of the times, the decoration of the aisle also experienced modifications by integrating national and Aceh concepts. According to my friend #Husaini who decorates the aisle, the modification is in the color and shape of the aisle, and the concept uses Styrofoam, the addition of fresh flowers, and all-white. One modified altar is, like the Aceh-Morocco concept, the modifications made are more on the colors and properties used, including Moroccan lamps.
Well, friend Steemit, that's my discussion tonight and that's all. Thank you
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