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Good night friend steemit friend all age.
Tonight I would like to inform all steemit users that #dtube has released a DTC coin which is distributed to all steem users for free.
For this reason, I urge you to register your Steemit account all at the link I share below;
because the DTC coin from #dtube is only until the 31st of August 2019, the limit is to get the coin.
Tokens given dtube amounted to 100 DTC, this token entered the sales exchange on September 6, 2019 with a selling price of 0.10 dollars if added to the rupiah, the price of the DTC coin was worth 1400 per coin. image image
image image
For those of you who are interested in mining coin airdrop or criyptocurrency via blockchain technology, please visit the @dtube post on the steemit or can contact me @adimantong which later I will explain how to get a DTC token from #dtube.
For those of you who have WA (whattshapp) please contact no; 085270750565
No WA (whattshapp) is specifically for users of steemit from Indonesia, friends.
Okay guys, thank you for all of you who want to read my posts
Thank you to #dtube for distributing free DTC coins to steemit users.
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