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There i am back just because of my new funny video is now on YouTube , but wait for two reaseons.
1 . The video is in Hindi / urdu
2 . See some photos of set/bloopers πŸ˜‚.

Video detail in English for you.

The story of video is around on a begger actually this video is a part 2 and sequel part of the first.
Iin this video the begger trying his best to beg more and more and earn many more. First man not gives him any thing the begger were angry on him and doing the bad thing with him. When the second man come , the begger tell him his fake story just for sympathy.
At last the second man gives him 10 rupes then the begger show him the reality of begger. He is also a businessman and had invited in a big party.
Also last part of this video is such a funny part when the begger turned in businessman and went away. I hope you like the video and concept. Also dont forget to share and subscribe. You can ask me for english sub but you have to promise that you watch my videos regularly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The photo on set of me


The photo of second person he is also my cousin.


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