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Video games plays a major role in the society right now there young millionaires right now in the industry of esports so how did it all started? Video games whether played at home or on the go they are a main staple in today's society prominent companies such as Riot, Blizzard and epic games have embedded their presence in modern culture providing entertainment for millions of players at a time.

For such a large industry it can be hard to imagine that just 70 years ago video games didn't exist so how did it all begin back in 1958 physicist William Higinbotham created tennis for two widely known as one of the first ever video games it's a viewed as the centerpiece to the Brookhaven National Laboratory open house where it became an instant hit.

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14 years later an emerging game company Atari released pong to the public pong was the first really successful video game where you could really control something on the screen it was a really a novel idea the popularity of video games only skyrocketed from their classic hits like pac-man, space invaders and Donkey Kong cemented the industry in the public eye in a world previously dominated by movie theaters and sporting events.

Gauntlet arcade game

Video games became a new way to socialize part of it was socializing you could play with other people some games like comment you can play together cooperating together gauntlet was probably a game that influenced some of the more modern games because you were in different mazes and you're trying to find the exit and you're got all these bad guys in the middle and you play helping that your other people instead of against on it there was a certain draw to video games that other forms of entertainment simply couldn't map with the rapid growth of the player community it wasn't long before things got more intense leading to the birth of a new category of gaming competitive gaming.