Curious About Ancient Wisdom Mysteries

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I’m insatiably curious. If there are mysteries of the universe (and beyond) to explore, I want to explore them. Based on my previous, predictable worldview, that essentially meant studying one and only one religion. Today I have no such limitations and things I previously discounted as silly woo are coming within my realm of curiosity. I now have many friends who are perfectly at home with things like sacred geometry, chakras, auras, shamanic journeying, multidimensional beings, akashic records, astral projection, clairvoyance, astrology, remote viewing, tarot cards, and so forth. As I’ve started exploring and learning about consciousness from different perspectives, some aspects of these experiences start to seem not only plausible but explainable (from within a specific context). Some paths of exploration even have clear instructions such as a specific breathing, meditation, and sound vibration repeated every day for three weeks to open your third eye or a certain approach to meditation for twenty minutes a day, twice a day, for three months, to connect with source consciousness, etc.

A part of me really wants to explore these ideas with intentionality and really stick with them to see what I find. Another part of me thinks about the character Aughra in the Netflix Dark Crystal series (very minor spoiler ahead).

She traveled the universe for many years, leaving behind her body and the world. She disconnected from “reality” and the planet suffered the consequences in her absence. I currently have a number of really interesting and exciting responsibilities with Steem, eosDAC, FIO, EOS DAO, and more. These all require present attention and daily effort for success (as far as I perceive things today). If I were to more deeply explore esoteric universal mysteries, would I go “all in” and disconnect on some level from my responsibilities? It’s quite possible. I do have a tendency to get hyper focused on something and dig deep.

So where does that leave me? I’m not sure. I’m okay with not being sure. I’m okay with existing in the balance, remaining curious, and still living in the here and now to get stuff done. Could there be some very interesting truths to discover among these categories of previously disregarded “pseudoscience”? Yeah, I think so, mainly because of the relationships I’ve built. When you meet enough incredible, intelligent, loving, successful people who all have a similar norm, it’s natural for that norm to rub off a bit on you also. What was previously “out there” isn’t when people around you find it not only normal, but part of their lived experience for many years. It further hits home for me when I think about the things I absolutely believed for decades that many others think is kinda silly (and I do as well, looking back from my current perspective).

The more I explore infinite possibility, the more I think things I believed may have had a good deal of truth to them, but branded in ways which hid even deeper truths (or purposefully obfuscated them). At least, that’s a possibility I’m exploring.

Many people, I think, are uncomfortable with conversations like this. They don’t enjoy things which might disrupt their comfortable worldview. I’m in a place where I love it! If there’s something useful to be discovered or a beneficial adjustment to be made, I’m all about it! I’m okay if that makes me a little weird. Enough people enjoy the journey that there’s plenty of encouragement and validation to go around.

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Lol nice! I see you're still rockin the beard 🤘🧔

For now. :) This picture was actually taken a handful of days ago. It has filled in nicely. :)

If you like or are interested in exploring your own consciousness and do not want to take plant medicines like psilocybin or ayhuaska (dmt) then you should try lucid dreaming (if you haven't already). It takes some effort, concentration, and dedication (of course like all things) but its relatively easy to achieve results. And you can clearly distinguish a result that occurs as well which is nice. Its definitely an interesting experiment with consciousness. Practicing mindfulness is very beneficial as well but that is much different of course. It's about being present in the moment not having any sort of psychedelic or hallucinogenic "wow!" moment. Anyway, just a thought. Good luck in your decision whatever you choose (to explore or not explore).

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Lucid Dreaming is great! I use the laying still and imagining myself pulling a rope to astral project method! I would try things like mushrooms if they become legal like I have been hearing that they might! We go to a lot of Psytrance Festivals and it is all about expanding consciousness! 😉

Here was a post I made a few years ago when I tried Salvia back when it was legal!

You can learn a lot about yourself and the nature of reality from psilocybin. The experiences that I've had with it are the most significant of my life - spiritually I mean. Salvia I always find to be challenging. It's so fast and short lived that it's hard to gain meaningful insight about yourself or even the experience itself. Its definitely interesting in that it kind of gives you a peak behind the veil of reality though and certainly makes one question the greater reality. But again, its very challenging to understanding the experience on a deeper meaningful level. There is stuff to learn for sure but it's more challenging is all. It's interesting from a neuroscience perspective though as well. Tweak the chemicals in the human brain and the experience of reality changes completely. It certainly demonstrates that the brain is merely a reality filter. We think we can "understand" reality because we can use logic and reason. But when you turn off that side of the brain nothing makes sense anymore. Reality is now different. It may be adaptive from an evolutionary perspective to believe that we can understand the world but I seriously doubt anymore that an absolute truth exists. Knowing and understanding are likely just an illusion to assist in the survivability of the organism. There is no absolute meaning. Meaning is a self created illusion. I suspect that is why many hard core heavy meditating Buddhist say "all you can do is laugh."

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Very good insight! I do agree it was great to see “behind the veil” of reality.. I remember seeing reality like a hologram, and behind it was fragments of this eternal light that seemed more real than reality. It seemed like the light was all spirits and communicated through telepathy. I always find the same answer when exploring the spiritual realm, which is that life is about love and the moment we are always in. As we exist in this moment always.. We choose our reality, and by existing in the 4th dimension we are able to choose the path of the 5th dimension to manifest whatever reality we choose.

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I'm not sure what you mean by 4th and 5th dimensions but that sounds interesting.

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I've played a little, but it's in the same category as the other things I mentioned. It would take time, intention, and commitment to really figure out. I know people who dedicated a year plus to stuff like this and it impacted their sleep schedule, etc. Maybe I'm just waiting for the right timing to really dive in.

What you have looked at so far in regards to the consciousness remote viewing and similar.

Think of those things with a mind verging on the theory of the quantum mind. Adapt the theory of Quantum into your exploration.

I could waffle on for a little bit. It is your exploration though.

Remember you can't think someone else's box. They are only methods of thought. They can line the wall of your box. Your vision will be different even if similar.


This one was a must read, for me.

I still use this as a resource.
It helped me stop being such a jerk, but it doesn't do that for everybody.

What do they say about investing? When reaching for a new lifestyle, don’t threaten your current lifestyle, or something like that.

It sounds applicable to your curiosities as well. Strive to learn and explore new truths. Aim for higher consciousness and deeper understanding, but do it in a way that doesn’t put you at risk for losing all the great things you have going in your life now.

I have a feeling, though, that the more you pursue these interests, the more time and opportunities you will have to further your current lifestyle, interests, and blockchain opportunities. Being present in this reality doesn’t necessarily mean being disconnected from the source. At least, I don’t think it does.

I started all this kind of stuff back in 69 and after going through a lot of years of it I just knew there was something else I could never explain or put into words, it was then that I began my real search...