How Much is EpicDice Paying the Token Holders? | EpicDice Dividends Payout History | September, October, November 2019

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The dice games were one of the first dApps on Steem. This is expected. Gambling is huge in the crypto world. EOS and TRON are dominated by gambling dApps.

When the dice games first started to appear on the Steem blockchain, there was no dividends and no tradable tokens as well. Still they made a lot of traffic.

Unfortuanaly MagicDice happened, with the exit scam and the trust in these types of Steem dApps was lost.
Time passed and a few of them are still around. If they managed to stay around in these bear market conditions, it shows that they are dedicated to the project, just as the resilient Steemians that are still around.


EpicDice is one of the projects still standing around. I decided to have a closer look and started buying some small amounts of the token.
You can get daily dividends for just holding the EPC token. No need to stake the token, or to claim your rewards. They just send you some amounts of STEEM automatically according to your share.

For the players you can earn 50 EPC for 1 Wagered STEEM. Recently they introduced a new game as well, Between.

Daily Dividends Payout

Below is a chart that represents the total daily Dividends Payout to the EPC Holders.


The above is the total amount of STEEM transferred from the @epicdice account.
Not a lot of stability here. Some days have spikes and others have 0 payment.

We can see that the payouts were a bit more stable in September, than October was down in total with the payments and November has seen a massive spike in the las few days.

Here is the table by months.


A total of 29k STEEM payouts in three months. Almost 10k STEEM average per month.
Not a lot of volume here, but hey it can go up fast 😊.

Daily Number of EPC Holders that Received Dividend

We have seen the amount od STEEM payout as dividend. What it the number of EPC holders that are receiving a share from the dividend pool?

Below is a chart that represents the total daily Dividends Payout to the EPC Holders.


On average in the period analyzed there is around 370 users receiving dividends daily. The numbers vary between 200 to 500. In the last days we have an increase in the users that received dividend. Not a bad number for a crypto dApp.

Top 30 EPC Holders that Received Dividend

Almost a 400 users average get some EPC dividends. Who is getting the most?
Here is the chart.


The official @epictoken account is getting the most. Not surprising having in mind that it has the largest share of EPC tokens. Next is @abrockman, @flipstars and @rollingindeep.

Here is the table with STEEM payouts and EPC stake.

NoUserDividendEPC Holdings on December 2nd

Some transfers to non EPC holders as well. Maybe they are non dividend related.
Note that the EPC stake per user is for December 2nd and it has changed trough the period.

Based on the data above one can do some math on EPC ROI. I did that and although I don’t want to go with exact number, I can tell you it’s pretty damn high!

Now, have in mind that crypto gambling is with high risk and the numbers can fluctuate massively.

EPC Price

A chart on EPC price starting from August 2019.


Looks like 0.0001 has some support, although there are few spikes on the upwards and downwards as well.

The daily volume is quite low, but still there is some. Probably the best in the class. On average in this period there is around 700 STEEM daily volume with spikes more than 2k.

All the best


Absolutely amazing!


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Very nice post, i am interested too in this but After @magicdice i am very careful about dapps, do you know Who Is behaind @epicdice? Some One with true name or with a Nick name like zombie...

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Not sure ....but I think they are trasparent... you can ask in the discord chanel

Hmmm, maybe I'll try some Martin gale and see if I get lucky :D any idea what's the house advantage?

1% I think.
Me myself, I have bad luck with these, and I'm just buying the token and hope some dividends :)

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