CO2 Sucker Post No. 2

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Usually I spend 5 cent a day (what is just 1.5 US$ a month) to compensate a bit of my CO2 footprint. For that reason I buy the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) at and transfer them to @co2fund.
5 cent a day is not much but it can make a difference at the end - especially if everybody would do so.

The situation

I won’t post as much for a while, thus a question came up: How to use the upvotes I could receive through my enrollment at Steem Staked Based Income (Steem SBI)?

My idea

Why not using my SBI upvotes for the CO2Fund project @retinox initiated I simply will use my author’s payout of this posts to reduce our all CO2 footprint a bit.
Of course I hope there will be some more upvotes from you guys ☺️ and with them a greater impact for our environment.

Where does the upvote value go?

I will use all STEEM and SP I receive as author rewards to buy COCO.
70% of the COCO I will transfer to the CO2Fund’s address @co2fund.
30% of the COCO I will accumulate and use as an incentive to resteem the current CO2 Sucker post and will be distributed to all 'resteemers' at extended intervals. The more of you participate, the better...

What to do?

Simply upvote this post (and resteem it to participate in the accumulated incentive). Of course you will receive your curation rewards and I will be happy to see your contribution 😊

The advantage

If you are looking for a convenient way to reduce your CO2 footprint simply by doing an upvote, then the CO2 Sucker Post is the most comfortable way for you to do so.

Enjoy your day



Thank you @peekbit, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

I have seen @retinox today at discord where she was saying or asking to move token to give engine.
I didn't opened my account from 5 month and lot of things are changing.

How to transfer/ register your Steem engine Token to hive engine?
Please throw some light.

Don't worry @saun. I guess you don't run your own tribe, so it's easy for you.
There are 2 blockchains now: Steem and Hive. So you have got 1 HIVE for every STEEM. To post on Hive you can use (the one made from the steempeak guys) or for example. To post on Steem you can use like before. You don't need to transfer any token. They are still on and the tribe-token still work in connection with Steem. There will be new token on (in connection with the Hive blockchain) and maybe some tribe token will move to hive-engine so that they are connected with Hive, but that should be announced by the tribe owners.
In the background there has been many fights and soft forks and hard forks and arguing of the witnesses. It's worth to find the information on the blockchain and catch up with that.
By the way - there are 2 SBI too, just in case you are involved.
And welcome back - whatever chain you will use. @peekbit

@saun, I guess you have misunderstood that. You can't move any tokens. Maybe some tribe tokens will be moved by the tribe owners. But so far it has not happened. Read @peekbit's comment.

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