Why it's important to use good tags for your post

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We are in a situation now where more and more tribes are being created. Some of them are great, but we are facing a problem now.

Many posts are not getting categorized anymore. Users want to use as many tribe tags as possible. That's understandable, most of us want to earn as much rewards as possible. That's human nature.

Some tribes are niche and their tag already serves as some kind of categorization. But that's too generic.

We can't leave real tags behind!

It's very important to use tags to describe best what your content is all about. We want to have many trending pages for different tags like #livestream, #movie, #bitcoin and so on for many reasons but the most important are:

  • You increase the chance of being found by interested readers
  • Users that come from outside of Steem are more likely to stay if they have a tag to watch with interesting content
  • It helps seach engines and increases the visibility

You are writing a movie review? Don't forget #moviereview
You are writing about Bitcoin? Also use #bitcoin

There should always be a language tag included!

That's also very important. Some users are only interested in a specific language. You can't just post German content and not label it as German. Would you like a single page where every second post is in a language you don't understand?

But I am only able use 5 different tags... Not anymore!

You are now able to use up to 10 different tags!

There is now the possibility to add more than 5 tags up to 10, that should be enough for a great categorization.

I know of at least the following platforms where it is possible now:

(Seems like it's possible with all Scot tribes, thanks @vxc)

It still shows that you only can use 5 tags but that's just a display error that will be solved soon.
Screenshot_20190718 PALNet.png

If you know of more platforms where it's possible now please tell me and I will add them to my post.

I hope my post brings some people to categorize their posts better.

Thanks for reading.

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Ten tags is great.

I've would love to add tags such as ChulaVista to my posts

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I have understand that in all Scot tribes up to 10 tags can be added.

Good to know! I hope people will start using the option soon. In my opinion it's so important.

Great read :)
And like we talked about earlier, it is very important to keep content organized in order to be useful for everyone!

Thanks, I hope a lot of people will help organizing the content.

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dear @thebluewin, i will strongly support "steemace"- you build a great tribe here!
Best regards!

Thanks @balte, it's great to have your support, we will do our very best for the gaming community.

Wow! Thanks for clarifying that 10 are possible instead of 5.

So if I get this right, it might be important to put e.g. #palnet at position 6 for not wasting on categories for steemit? Or is it the frontend that limits the number of tags and while steemit allows anly 5 I may post with 20 tags to steemit as well when I post via palnet.io?

The scot tribe frontends will show your post to all 10 tags you used. Steemit itself is limited to 5 for posting and showing on the tag pages. So if you for example used #tutorial as the 6th tag and you visit the trending page for this tag on Steemit, you won't find your post. But you will find it on the #tutorial tag page of palnet and other scot frontends.

Ok, great. So summarized this means:
tag 1 - is the main category that can not be changed after first submission to the blockchain
tag 2 to 5 - is good for additional categories
tag 6 to 10 - is good for tribe tags or additional categories that don't show up on all frontends

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Thanks for solving the mystery of the 10 tags... :0)

  ·  last year (edited)

here is a tag i would love to be added, goaltycoon so i can easily host a contest when am ready to..

thanks for the privilege

There is now the possibility to add more than 5 tags up to 10, that should be enough for a great categorization.

I didn't know that! I hope SteemPeak might be capable of that function at some point. :) The 10 tags make it more enticing to post on the tribe front-ends... to be honest though, sometimes I struggle even coming up with 5, haha. The tribe-tags have been a very welcome addition in that regard!