Aloe Arborescens update

in english •  last month  (edited)

She spent the last few months in a greenhouse at a friend's house

And she seems to have enjoyed the climate very much :)

She grew quite a lot in height and many new leaves

and even more leaves are forming really fast!

but there is also something going on at her roots.. ;]

I love her Tentacles

Now compare her to my last update :D

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beautiful aloe, how do you harvest? cutting leafs?

I have never harvested..

I'm going to wait until it's warm again and then carefully cut off the lowest leaves.
She will also get a bigger pot and be put deeper into the earth.
I'm also thinking about putting the wounds, of the cut off leaves, under the ground as well, in the hope that new roots will grow out of them. 🤔

sounds reasonable. I found an interesting experiment paper of another use case of aloe. It does not look good but one can use those plants as Batteries for small devices. Due to the high electrolyte content of succulents. It can even be used as communication with the plant to know if she is ok :D

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