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RE: Karaka Tutorial #1: A Basic Tutorial config.json example

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Hello is it possible to stake Tokens?
I would like to stake all tokens i have. But i habe to donit for every token on hive-engine manuelly.


Yes. Hive engine tokens are supported in their own "hiveengine" section. See the example config.json on the GitHub site. I'll write a tutorial on this soon.
I have a "sell half, stake half" policy for many tokens and have written Karaka rules to do this for me. The staking command format is basically the same e.g. stake 10 LEO from eturnerx but it has to be in a hiveengine section.

Ok, i will try it.

I may also. Not all In but a portion

I will also look which i will use an which non. Bilpcoin is not working for me so this wouöd be oneni will exchange

DM me on discord (eturnerx). Please send your config.json with the private key obscured. I'll check your hiveengine section is correct and look over your rules.

Thanks but i think i need some time, a lot to do. Maybe next weekend.

hello @eturnerx, i had some time and died first steps but i get this error:


Its win 7, can this be the problem? I will try it on other device with win 10 if this is the problem.

Not OS related. Maybe I wrote the package.json wrong. Try this command:
npm install --saveDev @types/node@^latest

Same message :(

I have created a tutorial for hive engine tokens. The staking command is the same as for Hive. Let me know how it goes: Karaka Tutorial #2

Thank you