The Rebirth and Growth of Steem - A Challenge!

This post is my response to @themarkymark's challenge to the Steem community:

...for the next 30 days, go out of your way to find one post or comment you normally wouldn't have commented on, and make a genuine thoughtful comment for the sole purpose of sparking a conversation.
After 30 days, make a post summarizing the result of your efforts. Did you meet anyone new that you have developed a bond with? Are you now following new people you would never have in the past? Have you noticed more engagement on your posts?

You can read more in the original #engagementchallenge post, and I recommend you do - especially if you are @darrenfj, @greencross, or @wildhomesteading, all of whom I nominate to participate in this challenge. I pick you three because I see your posts regularly so you are top of mind, and because you are all different in your style and interests, in keeping with this challenge.

A post announcing you are joining this challenge isn't necessary to participate, but personally I need a clear starting point if I am going to be intentional about my content finding and commenting behavior for the next 30 days.

So here it is, my base camp. It's time for Steem to get up on those wobbly legs and take some steps to rehabilitate this community. And by Steem, I mean me, and you, and you, and you!

P.S. Hey, @greencross, I did a thing with text!!


Thank you for this tip, @wholeself-in. I did not see this before you posted to pimp my post, and now I will do it :)

That's a nice challenge.

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