Your mission today, if you choose to accept it

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I propose you try an experiment for 7 days and report back how it goes.

A few days ago I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) and received over 200 comments.

Engagement is the most important aspect of any social media platform. Without it, there is no value.

So here is your mission, every day over the next 7 days, find 10 interesting posts and leave 10 thoughtful and engaging comments.


Try it for a week, and see what happens.

If something magical happens, come back and share it in the comment section.

If you don't follow the simple instructions, the only one you are cheating is yourself.

By the way, if you haven't checked it out, go look at the new AskMe Community where users like myself are doing Ask Me Anything posts. Go engage with a few of them, maybe even start your own!

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I think I leave at least 10 comments a week. And I reply to pretty much all comments left on my content!

I better rub one out right here, right now...

10 comments every day. Got to step up the pace my friend!

10 comments every 30 seconds. You gotta step up your game. Start that comment farm.

Don't really, spamming is bad and nobody will like you and I'll make fun of you in the insiders chat which is just the hive discord

OK 👌

The AMA community is great fun :)

Comment 1. Why 10?

Thoughtful and engaging comments...

Everyone has a different definition of Thoughtful and engaging comments....

If you don't follow the simple instructions, the only one you are cheating is yourself.

It got you to engage did it not? I think I’m winning.

Comment 2. Do I leave 10 comments on each post or total?

What do you think?

Thinking? Where?


Comment 3. Ok I'll stop now.

Lol troll

You are right. These are just simple steps. I’m going to start from now 😃😃😃

This initiative is Hive Pope approved!

Definitely always find some.amazing posts to comment on. But yeah I gotta get back to engagement!

And besides that we are really growing!!!!

Sounds like a good great plan to me!

For those who'd like a little extra inspiration, go join @abh12345's "Hive Engagement League" and be part of a larger community that's all about engagement.

For "bonus points," challenge yourself to make at least three of those daily comments on posts from the #introduceyourself tag. Make some newcomers feel welcome and at home!


I like the community engagement proposals, it’s pretty cool. That’s pretty much my whole Hive life anyway is curating, well for now at least, got big things coming!

alright then 😎

I missed your AMA which is unfortunate in itself, but I actually tried to do something similar myself over on Steem a long time ago, with less than decent results. That was obviously unfortunate as well, but I am also not as interesting as you so I didn't expect any major results. Well-known users, often those with deep pockets will always be more interesting than users with smaller wallets.

That being said, I don't take it too seriously or personal. That was just Steem in a nutshell. Engagement declined until it was practically over, so I'm happy to see these types of posts on Hive. Engagement is key for any platform that is supposed to be social.

You really didn't miss it, the post is still there and I'll still answer any questions that I see show up.

I've actually just read it, or most of it. I found some interesting answers so I'm good for now. :)

I am very close to this goal already. Excited to check out the Askme community.

Thanks Marky for doing an AMA over in our community! clearly, it went well and it was fun. I agree engagement is the blood in the veins of our community. When people from the outside peer into Hive they want to know if people are here and actually using it. So people, do as Marky said . Go out there and comment & engage.

As for the AMA community. The one on reddit is the largest subreddit on reddit. 20 million subscriptions:


People love knowing more about people. It is in our human nature! If anyone knows of anyone who make a good AMA just do an AMA request in the AMA community. Thanks again Marky!

edit: Btw, we are bringing people outside of Hive/Crypto do AMA's too. More on this soon.

Engagement is definitely the best part about participating at all. I love sharing posts I create, but the comments are the biggest reward. That's what indicates I actually added value to someone's life. More so than an upvote even.

I do these on a norms Marky, maybe not up to 10 everyday, but sure close, I don't even count honestly, i just do....

I already voted for you as my Witness.💯 You are a great mentor. No doubt.

Well i posted after 2 years and now it is Hive. And if i say I'm not being welcome that good when i first posted here.. People are not even looking at it. But I'm going to post more.. That is all i can do.. I'm trying to be strong here.. People are going to take that challenge for people who are being noticed.. I want people's attention to those who are still there just like me..

Social media takes time to build an audience.

Hmmmm... You can checkout that.. I hope you might be interested in to that...

Hehe... I do this already (I probably spend too much time on here), but it is certainly a great initiative!

I was just motivited to post a link to an dapp I find really useful for keeping up with engagement on some accounts I run:

A joyous occasion, Capt Malcolm Reynolds has returned, welcome back.

😀 PS commenting with all our worth

I have to be honest with you. I do this, leave 10 comments that are thoughtful and engaging. Way more than that. I feel like I always get a positive response. Everyone likes to write and have someone actually read it and make a thoughtful comment. Right?

Why else would you write? Keep a journal if it means nothing. I think that enticing people to engage is awesome! We need more of it.

I can understand being busy, I working still, every day almost. And I am behind on the comments. However, I would rather be late with it and perhaps make it worth it in words. Thanks for this initiative!

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