Anyone interested in a ComedyOpenMic reboot?

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ComedyOpenMic was a weekly comedy contest on Steem. It ran for about 47 weeks before it stopped.

While I was not part of ComedyOpenMic, I spoke with one of the owners and asked if they had any plans on restarting it. It does not seem like they are and was giving the ok to start something similar.

I was thinking about restarting a new weekly contest under the same general idea. As I wasn't part of ComedyOpenMic, I was planning on starting under new branding with potentially new rules and direction.

Would you be interested in participating in a weekly comedy contest?

There is no point in starting if no one is interested in submitting content. If it is something you would be interested in, please speak up in the comment section.

Would you be interested in being a judge for a weekly comedy contest?

If you are interested in being a Judge, please contact me on Discord. ComedyOpenMic had four judges, I think that's a great starting point. Depending on how many entries, we may require more judges in the future.

It would also is nice to have some curators who look out for authors that may be interested in participating. This helps encourage more participation and greater awareness.

I don't have everything figured out yet, I need to come up with a name, logo, some graphics, and rules. So it is not something I'm ready to start right away and just entertaining the idea to see if there is interest.

If this is something you might be interested in, hit me up on Discord, Keybase, or just leave a comment below.

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Yes of course! Let's see some comedy here now that Sun and his minions & other comical sidekicks haven't followed us to Hive and aren't publishing his daily statements of the world order. Or what say you @penderis, lord of all things hilarious and funny? Or was it lord of all wicked and evil? I forgot. Those things are so similar. So confusing. Anyway, I claim evilness for me so that leaves wicked for you.

Sorry, what was the question?

Yes. I would participate if the rules aren't too confusing, although I'm not any good or funny, but I would. That's why I tagged Penderis so that when this thing starts and I don't notice it, Penderis can push me to this direction and say: "You promised to participate you pathetic promisser."

Now let's all be hush hush about this so that I can be the only participant and win everything! Muahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!! See, evil laugh. I'm good at evil.

That would be interesting. Wish I was funny at all.

I don't know whetehr I am suitable as a judge, much less whether I have the time to focus on such a project. but I could see it as a way to get more people on board. I wonder if we could even get Steve Miller-Miller or Dave Smith interested. Some established names with followings joining Hive might work.

It was a tag I checked frequently and more laughs are always welcome.

Same lol. There's so many treasures in that tag!

Bring it back, you’re in charge 🤪

I think a lot of people here like comedy. I participated in ComedyOpenMic a few time and I would like to see it active again. 2020 was very hard and people need to see something funny to feel better.

Yes indeed!
I am always ready for funny stuff! :)

I nominate @improv for judge!

I accept!

I loved that. I will be happy if that will return :)

I'll have to check out the old ones as I remember all this. It would be nice to restart some of these projects for sure. Going to go check out the old ones to get a better idea.

Would you be interested in participating in a weekly comedy contest?


Would you be interested in being a judge for a weekly comedy contest?

Maybe, if the commitment level isn't too high.

The Comedy Open Mic was a contest that I truly enjoy, even it was really awesome when a friend of mine called @elfranz earned a @curie vote for one of his entries, because I didn't expect that could be possible, but he's really funny and hater so I know that he'll love to participate again on it!

I'm a miracle worker what can I say

Would you be interested in participating in a weekly comedy contest?
Would you be interested in being a judge for a weekly comedy contest?

It is finally my time to shine!!!!

I participated in a couple of COM back in the day I think I was runner up in one of them and it was so much fun, comedy is great, comedy shouldn't die, so if you need people, count me in to revive this thing like it was Gandalf!!!

If you'd like, I'd be happy for my weekly Punday Monday (150+ weeks!) to get included! Participation has fallen since the switch to hive, but we still have some. Would love to get the more that would come along with announcements on your platform.


I know funny. This would probably be great. A judge? I am better at being a heckler. Been heckling folks on STEEM and HIVE for close to 3 years. Sure. Let's bring comedy to HIVE.

How about we start with the list of folks on the ban list. That is pretty funny.