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RE: Engagement League - How did I do? 🏅 |{Week 2}| and a Surprise!

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I would not worry too much about sbi or even rewards in general. Post when you have something of value to say. Your followers will stick with you if you do. Building a loyal following is the route to success.


Ain't that the truth lol I think we all need to take this comment to heart and remember why we're here

Well, it was quite the opposite actually, I had posts ready to go but I refrained from posting them because SBI was down and I wanted SBI's vote on the post instead of the post not having their vote D:

I didn't create a post just for the vote..

Confusing but completely different meanings :)
I have about 4 posts on the go at any given time xD Thank gosh for SteemPeak drafts.