My social experiment - it's never too early to celebrate Christmas 🤶!!

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I promised you some beautiful Christmas cards and here they are!!!

The other day I wrote about taking things one step up for my social experiment. This social experiment is about seeing if I can earn the trust of my fellow Steemians. By you giving me your address so I can send you a postcard. 12 people did, and for some it turned out to be a postcard exchange as I got quite a few back! I'm going to be sending out Christmas cards this month. We have some gorgeous 3D Christmas cards that are all locally made in Taiwan. Here are a few that I bought yesterday.


Aren't they beautiful!! I love how festive they are, and 3D adds another dimension to the normal Christmas cards. And on top, they are very affordable which means I won't have to worry about breaking my bank 😁

I sent out the first one today, to @soyunasantacruz in Venezuela. She is one of the first few who joined my social experiment. You can read her post about receiving my postcard here. Last time my postcard took a month to get to @soyunasantacruz so I want to make sure her Christmas card arrives in time for Christmas. Sending a postcard to Venezuela was an experiment and learning curve for me. I have since learnt

  • when you send mail to someone in Venezuela, it goes to their local post office. You have to add the recipients phone numbers underneath the address
  • the Venezuelan postal office have stopped international postal services two years ago
  • you can send things abroad via private companies but the cost is way too expensive
  • many locals can barely afford to buy food, eating is considered a luxury
  • unemployment is high and even if you have a job you may not get paid
  • bartering and selling your possessions is a way of survival
  • Venezuelans live under a dictatorship and fear

Normally when I receive a postcard, I will post about it and set a 10% beneficiary to the sender as a gesture of thanks. @soyunasantacruz wanted to send a postcard back to me. But her situation makes it very difficult to do that. I would never want to put more burden on her than she already has, and ultimately it's the thought that counts more than anything else. Therefore I'm going to set 50% beneficiary payout to her for this post. I don't know how much that will help in Venezuela nowadays. But if it buys her a loaf of bread or a bowl of rice, I hope she can feel the love from the many Steemians from around the world who have supported her.

I have also slipped in a little Christmas present for her. I made the pattern on the pendant, similar to the coasters that I gifted to people at SteemFest. I chose this particular one as it looks like walking along a road towards a brighter future. I hope she likes it.

If any one else would like to receive one of these beautiful Christmas cards from Taiwan or a postcard of you don't celebrate Christmas, please don't be shy and send me a message. You can find me on Discord livinguktaiwan#6787 or Telegram @L_U_T or Steemchat livinguktaiwan. Hope to hear from you!

I am also entering this post to the Mondays Misson competition hosted by @qurator. The theme this week is Christmas Extravaganza. Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that's only become popular in the past couple of centuries, let's hope the tradition can continue for much longer.

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A Christmas card edition of post cards! I was gonna ask for one but remembered I havent send your card yet! 😅 I’ll let others receive your card in the meantime while I take time to send your card!

That's ok, not a problem at all, I'll send one your way!

Damn, doing away with International postal service is something i only heard of now

Venezuela are in dire straits, many things that we take for granted are a scarcity or even non obselete for them, its sad

I read about high inflation and other bad things but no international mail is new to me.

Hello @ace108, in Venezuela the postal company of the Government closed the international shipment two years ago, according to me one of the workers has been for the debts that the government never paid to the private airlines.
However, if you can send things from abroad to Venezuela, and the private companies can send those that still remain, if they allow sending from outside to inside and vice versa, the only thing is that it is too expensive, only the rich can send.
Here there is no inflation but Hyperinflation the highest in the world and its history.
But I thank God that we still have internet and we can pay for it, it is a little window to the world that allows me to breathe and distract me.


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Oooh!! Cool cards!

Would you like a Christmas card to lift you up to a festive mood? 😊

We celebrate christmas for 3 months in Puerto Rico, I can't be more lift up! ahahahaha

Wow! These Christmas cards are so beautiful! Never seen something like that before! May I be on the list as well? :)

Of course you can Gabriela!!!😊

Yay! Thank you so, soo much! I really haven't seen something like this before :D

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Hello @livinguktaiwan, what a beautiful post, thank you so much for dedicating it to me especially, I'm just reading it, I apologize for that.
They are very nice postcards, like many of the things they create in your country and when I have it will occupy a special place in my home, Thank you infinitely for those details and words.
May God bless you Always, remember that in Venezuela you have a friend, a big hug.