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RE: Engagement League - How did I do? πŸ… |{Week 2}| and a Surprise!

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Great post!

How do I join the community :)

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Glad you found this post :) Welcome!

Just go to the original post by @abh12345 for this week, it's right here < -- click

Then, all you need to do is comment that you would like to join!

That's it! Asher (@abh12345) usually comments to confirm right as he's making the next post (each Sunday) so once you comment that you'd like to join, consider yourself joined and starting from last Sunday September 1 (the date of the post you will comment on!)

Which means if you comment on this week's post you will have a score when he makes the new score card for next week. (Sunday, September 8th)

Scores reset each week when he posts the new post, so we always get a fresh start, and once you join you are in forever until you ask to leave :)