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RE: Engagement League - How did I do? 🏅 |{Week 2}| and a Surprise!

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only two weeks in and you're already pushing for top 10, hmmm looks like I better step my game up or get dethroned, nice to see some fresh blood giving the old heads something to think about lol :)


I'm coming for you

LOL please so, challenge accepted


You get around like a choo-choo train.. damn downtime might have probably messed me up because I bet you were clicking refresh all those hours and got the up on me :P

Don't mind me, if I troll you it means I like you.. don't ever take it personally

Lol I have my moments, but I don't just comment or engage for the sake of it, if I can't add value to a post I wouldn't do it. But when I do find one I'm a chatterbox of note.

Lol, I don't mind the trolling at all, a little competitive banter never hurt, I'm game to roll with the punches.