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RE: Engagement League - How did I do? 🏅 |{Week 2}| and a Surprise!

in #engagementlast year

Thank you for the nice review - I’m
glad you think the contest is something worthwhile being a part of.

For newer accounts who are keen to speak to people, there is a good chance to collect a little extra STEEM each week just by adding your name - easy!😁


can i add my name on list i don't see it there :)

Maybe it'll appear this time around, although I'll not be holding my breath :P

Thank you for all the voting and resteeming!! I think it was your resteem that got it eyes by some very generous people o_O

This is why engaging and growing one's network is amazing!

My pleasure 😁

Yes a Resteem in the right place can be really beneficial for a newer user. I’m glad you got some visitors and engagement.