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Tell me your meaning of love ... My meaning of love is not just saying I love you when you leave for work , or when you go to bed at night. Love to me is so great, that one feels loved constantly that there is no doubt in their mind. Love is not selfish, love is not jealous. Love should never ever hurt. But I know it does, in the real world a lot of folks interpret love completely the wrong way. When I feed my dog , she feels loved, when my grandkids get a new toy they feel loved, that's all wrong, I know they say they Love me because they received a new toy , but do little ones know the true meaning of Love ? Do most adults know the true meaning of love ? Do I even know the true meaning of love ? I think when it comes to kids , its all about affection & attention, kids need to be told they are loved, and that they are special, because if not then they might grow up with hate in their little hearts, but as teens, how do you show love to a kid thats been through so much drama in their life ? When that teen rejects every single bit of love you show them, or when your try to show them attention they reject that also, Spend time with them and do things that show that he or she is loved and that you are not a threat to them. I've been around the block a time or two with teen adults who refuses to show any kind of emotion at all until they are young adults in their 20's, is this natural ? Or even Normal ? a lot of people would say they need therapy or drugs to get through life. it just complicates the problem when you send them to therapy or give them drugs, that is what big pharma wants you to do, is create a customer for life for them. They need left alone and let them live their own life and have their own feelings. No one else has the right to tell us how we can love , live or even hate. Love can be beautiful if we all embrace it. So guys , love with good intentions and with your heart, you never know what someone has went through before you met them, they might be depending on you to show them how to love again.