Banking On Reflation Post Election

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Hey Jesselectorates

Now that the US election has come and gone and we now have a new older man as the ruler of the free world, we can all settle down and get back to fighting over if we should wear masks, be vaccinated and use the right pronoun or whatever other shit people deem important enough to fight over.

Each year that we continue with this governance model, it becomes less practical and more theatre. The world is so distracted in this sleight of hand trick called political theatre. If something is all everyone is talking about, I am always asking what is the misdirection here; there's always something they're trying to sneak through without us noticing or being able to argue for or against.

Governments want to retain power

Governments aren't here to serve the people, not in the modern ones we have today, or ever. It is here to get bigger, get more power and secure more of the economy. Like any living entity, it wants to thrive and doesn't care about the cost of its growth, anything that can grow without any natural enemy will continue to extend its reach and take more over time.

We've seen a growing level of centralisation, in business, in ideas, in economies, in commodities, in suppliers, in wealth, we've got to this point where trickle-up has sucked up more wealth than ever in human history.

The reason we need trickle-up is that in a debt-based system, those with assets can continue to get richer and bend the rules to serve them as they cosy up with the government.

At this point, I think even the surfs were better off in terms of the tax they paid compared to what we all pay in all the taxes we have today plus inflation.


Let the reflation begin

I am no expert, but I am pretty sure the first thing the new president will focus on is economic recovery at any cost. If you think the 3 or 10 trillion they printed during 2020 is a lot, I think we're going to be blown away by the numbers in 2021. The dollar is already on the final years of its life, so might as well obliterate it for the sake of the economy.

I see the US Dollar being the sacrificial lamb that will be lead to the slaughter in the greatest reflation of any bubble the world has ever seen. Do I think it's possible to reflate it? I have no idea, but I'm confident they are going to try.

We're still way off having CBDC's and the plumbing needed to run it, so the only way out would be to inject massive levels of currency into the hands of the people and business in various ways. It could be more business grants, it could be debt forgiveness, it could be UBI, we don't know, but it has to be done if they are to keep this party going.

From my previous article, I mentioned an estimate of 100 trillion worldwide, and I don't think that's too far off. The world needs dollars just as badly as Americans need them; sadly, this is the system we set up.

Trying to inflate this bubble to buy us more time to figure out how we go forward is going to be one crazy ride, if you think 2020 was a rollercoaster, wait till you see what trying to repair what 2020 broke is going to lead too.

Will the cure be better than the ailment or worse? Only time will tell.

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Biden will bring unity, peace and love. With unity we won't fight over wearing masks or vaccinations.

With unity masks and vaccinations will be mandatory.


The Fashion world will begin flouncing the latest sexy Biohazard suit rage.

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As long as we can all keep borrowing someone will find something to sell us! If they can make masks fashionable I’m sure bio hazard suits and swim wear can happen

Lol I thought unity meant people agreed of their own free will! I guess we are all just here for the ride anyway just seems like more people are allowing themselevs to accept this raw deal, is there a breaking point where people snap and take back their rights by force?

Disunity is caused by the opposition. That is why we have to do everything in our power to marginalize and wipe out the opposition.

You may remember Biden's line during the presidential debate. Biden said that he was the Democratic Party.

The idea that the leader is the mind of the group has been around a long time. It was central to the monarchy.

Biden declared that he was the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is the Party of The People.

Since Biden is the Democratic Party, we can conclude that Biden is The People.

As President of the United States, Biden will be The United States.

Isn't philosophy fun?

BTW, I have no idea how that idea of free will that you mentioned fits in. It sounds inherently divisive. The People elected Biden because The People wanted to end the divisiveness created by Trump.

In conclusion, you need to put on that mask and take your medicine.

I’m not American so I have no skin In the game and no say in what goes on there yet decisions there bare a cost on our lives here, so is that not taxation and influence without representation?

Power and influence can’t exactly be checked at the boarder! I fully agree Americans should do what they want pick who they want I honestly don’t care what they do or who their leaders are but until we are all unpegged form the dollar there’s a lot of peoples lives that are affected but never considered

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