Teachers and the student's learning experience

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In secondary school, I learned not to hate any of my teachers because the minute you do, the probability that you will not understand a thing they say or find fault in everything they do is very high. This is very true when you look at it practically. With this in mind, I have always tried to have and maintain a good relationship with all my teachers even when I went to college. In as much as I don't like picking some lecturers over others or comparing lecturers; the truth is some lecturers are better at delivering material than others.

Two lecturers explain the same concept and you are amazed at how well one summarizes and makes the whole thing looks very easy and the other just keeps you wondering if it is you who is too dumb to get a thing they are saying. I started thinking on this when in college the other day, I received end of term reminder emails of the availability of our course and professor's evaluation survey. This survey gives students the opportunity to air their views about their study term, the course, professors, teaching methods, learning outcomes etc.

For some courses, I realized I could not stop writing about the course and how well the course was delivered. For others, it was like really hard to even begin to write about it because of some negative experiences I had. The way the course was delivered was not very satisfactory even though the professors tried their best from the look of things. I just felt a lot could be improved and had to say it. It is so amazing how you relate with some lecturers automatically. Their teaching methods, the way they deliver the course, the enthusiasm they generate and many more just create a wonderful student-teacher relationship that leads to great learning outcomes.

On the other side, some lecturers just make the learning experience quite hard and unbearable at times. Sometimes, one is forced to think it's a waste of time sitting in some classes because you leave as empty as you came. You learned nothing and understood nothing. These are really terrible experiences I will not wish for any student. You find yourself struggling so hard in such courses, doing so much extra work to stay on track and it just consumes time that would have been used on the other courses too.

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