Outside the net - A curious story

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"Happiness nests more in the nobility of a forest than in luxury without green."

Carlos Thays.


Outside the net

There was a time when happiness rode on a horse winged around the world. Life was so simple, flowing like a singing stream to the beat of what the soul sings. But, we forced it to follow the route of what enchants the eyes, what shines in the false. Those reflections of the current of the water that made us believe that the treasures outside shine more than those inside and that, in life, one dances for money.

And to think that it is only a matter of changing the step, of refining the ear towards what moves a smile, the cord of grace that resounds in the soul. At a slow pace, there is the yawn of the one who kisses the thread of the hours he steps on, of the one who knows what vibrates in a beautiful afternoon, with nothing more to do than caress the vera, the road without races.


We are nothing more than a laconic beat of an ancient silence that lost the use of the voice of so many cries in so many hidden worlds. Confused by the noise of clocks, we moved away from the centre towards a periphery of luxuries and destinations, different from the simple passage of a light at dusk and the soft whisper of a leaf detached from the tree.

We are land that breathes. Our feet once again repeat a setback, a way of retracing our steps to live outside the net. Spiders will always weave, but our steps, now, dance an ancient rhythm, following the pulse of clarity, a flow of Love and Peace. So different and so alike, basically human. Slow energy playing in the virginal sound, being Earth, being sea, being air, a volcano, a stellar tide with visceral waves. Key that throws us and makes us bounce looking for the original innocence, the harmony that makes us earth, looking at the sky: poetry.

We are a verse that returns from an onomatopoeic labyrinth, a click, a small noise. A rhyme that is reborn from its own art. Hearts learning to tear down walls erected on the edges of others, without yet feeling the chains of their own beats. We are a second wanting to be time and we do not reach a thousandth of a fraction of the eternal sacred, that spiral that makes us vibrate in unison with the Earth, making us as vulnerable and as strong as her. Outside the net the earth awaits us, the echo of his voice has a pulse of emotion, there are many listening. Outside the net the earth awaits us, the echo of his voice has a pulse of emotion, there are many listening. The Earth wants us to be happy, really.

By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero.



The images are from Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons:

Environmental pro by ejaugsburg
pathway by ljcor
Dance by Dieter_G
Spiral by johnhain

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"Our steps now dance an ancient rhythm..."

How beautifully you caught and expressed these gentle ideas, which have the strength of eternity built into their gossamer wings.

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Thank you @artemislives and @ecotrain for your support and your characteristic kindness to me.

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Thank you!

Your writing is always so beautifully evocative. Thanks so much for always transporting me.

More thanks to you for supporting me and reading to me with kind eyes.

More thanks to you for
Supporting me and reading
To me with kind eyes.

                 - zeleiracordero

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@zeleiracorder, Iike your post

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Thank you very much for your kind comment, @hsidik.

Thank you again..@zeleiracordero

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