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We have bigger houses, yet they are made out of toxic ingredients, ingredients that pollute the environment and that pollute us. Bigger houses, with bigger walls, taking us further and further away from the natural world.

Decorating said houses, with objects that come from protected lands and endangered species. But who cares, cos it looks so darn good.

Using products on our skin that has been tested on defenceless animals, animals that are who are kept caged and are tortured day in and day out.


Poisoning the soil with chemical warfare,creating a cycle where we create more food, which in turn makes more money for corporations, all the while continuing to destroy the earth. An endless cycle of destruction and in the end the majority of that food goes to landfill.

Idolizing those who alter their appearance, whilst stigmatizing and isolating those who suffer with their mental health. Leaving so many struggling with their identity and with who they have become. Being Natural is beautiful and healthy, yet instead injecting poisons into our bodies is what is desired.

Watching those who have escaped war torn countries, being punished, dehumanizing and humiliating them. Forcing them to sacrifice their lives just on a dream, that they may experience peace and freedom.


These are just some of the things that I have thought about today, the things that I am very much aware of. How so many beings are suffering , how the earth is suffering, suffering in silence, by the choices that we make and by choices that we do not speak out about.

Now is not the time to remain silent!

I sometimes feel alone because not everyone wants to talk about these things, it can make some feel uncomfortable. Well how fucking uncomfortable do you think it is for those who suffer, for those who are abused and who continue to suffer in silence. Do they not deserve to be acknowledge, to be heard, to be seen.

How much longer shall we turn the other way, shall we ignore the cries for help. We know what is happening, we know!


Are you comfortable to live a life of ignorance, because you deserve so much more, because you believe you are more worthy. Maybe you are comfortable with the suffering of others, so that you can live a more comfortable life.
Maybe you just don't care and anyways who the hell am I to tell you what to do?
For I am just like you, I am of this earth and it is to this earth that I shall return when my time comes.

Right now, We need to use our voices, use the gifts that we have, to bring and spread awareness. Dare I say, we need to do better, I know I do!

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I think there's merit in asking those tough questions, but perhaps overwhelming for many and feels judgmental? I'm thinking it's perhaps more productive to offer solutions and alternatives and to tell our own stories of how and why we choose differently? The doom and gloom of "the world is falling" can be disabling and create a "fuck you, it's all broken anyway" response that isn't helpful.

Great that you're reflecting. How do we begin engaging with solutions, options and simple steps forward for people who are beginning to join this new paradigm?

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Yes of course it comes across as judgemental, I am also aiming this at myself. My posts are usually a lot more positive and talk about the alternatives but ever now and again things like this need to be said, there are so many on here that are actively doing something yourself included, indeed the revolution has been going on for sometime xx

Judging yourself isn't required. Assessment and discernment and gentle steps forward together maybe better? If judgement and overwhelm close people down into despondency, maybe they're better sidestepped?

Sadly it’s all been so politicized in my country. To a non-American it will sound crazy that to say you care about these things in many minds means you also are a member of a given political party and so also believe a whole host of other things you may not. You don’t get to talk about these topics as a member of one party here, or you’re effectively cast out. Yet only two parties have a chance of shaping the laws determining how the nation as a whole acts on these ideas. So you have it that even though the average American would choose to take transportation that also allows their grandkids a chance to breathe clean air, you have billions of dollars in subsidies going to oil, coal and gas companies and emissions laws for cars being rolled back and public transit sabotaged. All sorts of absurdities like this prevail in a divided land.

I understand, I am not political at all, but I can image how it is over your way, lots of finger pointing and blame and avoidance of what needs to be done. xxx

There's no logic in destroying the only place you have to live but the love of money seems to trump sanity. Imagine a day in the average life documented truthfully concerning the products we're supplied with.
Wake up in the morning, sleeping on toxic pillows and sheets washed in toxic chemicals and their affects explained.
moving on to the toiletries, cleaning products, building products, it goes on and on.
makes me sick what people are willing to do to others really.. so unnatural imho

Yes we have surrounded ourselves with toxins and walk around as though that is okay. Crazy times indeed, but not all do so. I just needed to get this off my chest and tell it like it is xx

I can't understand how anyone who is aware of all these issues or even some of them, can remain 'comfortable' in a 'comfortable life' knowing that others may have suffered or be suffering as a consequence.

I've always wanted to believe that there is enough for everyone on this beautiful planet for everyone to live 'comfortably' ~ Not necessarily in whatever the current style of that may be according to the mainstream media etc ~ But according to what our true needs are.

I think it's so true that we all need to find our voices and know and use our special gifts for the well-being of both ourselves and every other single being on this beautiful planet. Thanks for expressing your thoughts so eloquently @trucklife-family. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

thank you @allyinspirit yes it is our voices, our skills, our passion that needs to be used in order to bring about change, not avoidance and ignorance, no more living in a bubble I say xx

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