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RE: 🌍 Steem ecoVillage Journal #8 : Will we start building this year!?

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An Earthship tiny home...! What an exciting concept. Did you come up with the design? Would love to know more about it. At Earthship Biotechture there is the Simple Survival model, which is nice, but in my opinion could be simplified further still... as many people have tired with great results. In fact, in these next couple months I'll be building something like that with my theater friends in Mazunte, which I hope to post on extensively. :-)
Awesome that things are taking off so nicely. This year promises to be so full of great things! I'm psyched...


well i have ideas! but its something that jon and I will decide with the rest of the gang in March.. Mike has a new encounter model now.. something simpler than the GLobal.. but a step up from the survival model.. there are SO many ways to build them without spending nearly what mikes plans dictate... as we shall demonstrate ;=-)

Wow... Looking forward to reading all about that.
Keep us posted!