Making REAL butter!!!! With REAL milk... Yes, straight from a cow!

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Be warned, this is a re-post from our instagram account which can be found under the tag @Dreamland_xp. This is an account dedicated entirely to the building of our Neo-trbal Vilage, in the north east united states. If you happen to feel interested in joining the build and creating a life connected to the natural world, please contact me here.

Finally made some REAL butter from raw milk (it's kind of in its own way a natural medicine)!!!

We found a local farm that sells raw milk, we got a gallon and let the milk settle for a day in the fridge, then we collected the cream into a mason jar, shook it a while, added a pinch of salt, shook some more and BUTTER it started to become 😁!


Making something fresh is always so satisfying and knowing this was a local product made from whole natural milk made it even better.


After all that we ended up making crepes with the butter milk and made them in my favorite way too!!!!

Crepes rolled in sugar, butter and a spash of lemon!


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Awesome!!! Thank you @pennsif

I LOVE BUTTER!!! Real butter!! Yummy butter!! natural medicine in terms of fatty acids and nutrients.

Had NO IDEA you are also on IG - off to try and find you there.. :)

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Haha yes yes, I am on instagram... not very active there either but I'm there. Look for Dreamland_xp


I've always wondered, does the whole of the cream change to butter or does it separate, like when you get curds and whey?

yeah, when it just seperates, you're left with butter and butter milk

So that's where buttermilk comes from! I thought it was just what Americans called whey! Lol

it might be that too... not sure!

okay, so now I'm still confused...😕😆

me too... so I looked it up: Whey is The liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained in the process of making cheese.

Buttermilk is The liquid left over after producing butter from full cream milk by the churning process, also called traditional buttermilk .

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