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Hello people of Steemit!

Trust is one of the most important ability a person should have in life. It could be a very significant advantage when people trusted you. Otherwise, be careful because once it lost in a single blink of our eyes, it means nothing at all. Everything will be flipped ant turn someone life to misery and regrets. We should give it a value and put it in our mind not to abuse those who trusted us. zf62ys4unx.jpg
Flower photography is mine.

This question I will refer it to myself. If we trust someone we could give flowers and love unconditionally. Trust is a source of a good life but for me, I rather say, do not trust anyone 100%.

Why I say it?

There was a time in my life that my boss trusted me and gave me business. Remembering my past is not a kind of easy joke to me but a heartache. I supposed to buried it to a miles of graveyard. I don't wanna keep on recalling and remembering those nightmares of my life but sharing it is something necessary so everyone could pick a lesson.

By the way, looking back when I was 20 years old, I became a mother to my only son. I got married when I was 18 years old. Me and my husband worked in an establishment. Our employer trusted me. I became a stock controller,a cashier sometimes when they were out of town. I was the one carrying their hundreds of thousands of money to the bank every 2:30 in the afternoon. I was the one collecting daily sales from all branches. No body knew it was my job, because I looked like so simple and just wearing simpliest wear just like an ordinary person working in a wet market. They never knew I was the baggers. In the morning, i checked what was out of stocks and called an order to different companies. My employer when they travel to another country, she was leaving me many blank check with signature. Even the key of their CaJA de Yero, they told me the combination number. I was fully trusted and of course I also 100% trusted them.

My son was with me in my job since he was 3 months old. Then one day, my boss told me that I would be the one to hold their branch somewhere in another town. I grabbed the

opportunity unexpectedly happened. As what I knew, their nephew who watched their store was not paying them and there was no000 improvement. They were fired out and let me manage those area. I made it and it blooms. We have an agreement that they gave me stocks according to my weekly basis needs. I estimated how much I sold out for one week,Every day I deposited my daily sales. That was our clear AGREEMENT. They supported me by giving me stocks weekly.

On the other hand, we rented a house and there were so many times that our rented house was flooded and some of the stocks were damaged. So I decided to sell my house and bougt a new house and lot near the grocery store that I had been. I bought my own stall from the money proceed from my old house in the city. In two years on my business I did it profitable and I earned more than what we needed. I hired sales person and they were schooling at night. Better life came to me and with the people around me.


Everything was so smooth but 'didn't know, there was a secret eye watching us. The former nephew of my boss who were the one watching those store wanted to be back. They said to my boss that, they were willing to watch it again. On that moment I was building my new home. So all my gain went to that project. It was just a simple house. I supposed not to build it if my house rented was not flooded every time there was a rain.

The saddest moment when the trust was
broken. I came to my employer's house bringing my order for the week after I deposited my sales. They didn't deliver my order. I heard a story that there's no need to support us anymore and they removed our rights then gave it again to their nephew. Blood is sticker than water. Who we were compared to their nearest family. Because I had bought my own stall near my employer's stall in the market,they were all jealous how I quickly grew up my business.I didn't ask them to give us those business. If they are good people who want to help poor, they never did it to me. All my savings, I invested for my house. Those moment made me realized that I should not trust my employer's support for a lifetime. They took it without prior notice and given time making for us. In my side, I didn't break our deal and agreement. If how much I appreciated how they helped us, I lost my trust and not just a trust but also m' respect to them. The culprits was their nephew.

So I moved to my owned stall then their nephew on their area. They gave them stocks and left us behind. I surrendered and realized that was not my destiny. I tried recovering, I got credit line in my bank but it was the beariest time when US dollar was fluctuated and all commodities became so expensive. Companies were closed. Plantation was shut down and the worst happened when the bank I leaned on was closed too. That was the end of my business. It happened last 1997 when I was 27 years old.

My opponent went on their way, as my employer supported them but do you know what happened? That's good for my employer, they deserved it. Their nephew got half million unpaid debts. Whereas me, I had no remaining debts. I cleared everything debts from my employer.I laughed and so sorry for them. Without one year in managing those business, they failed and stucked up with a huge amount.

I sold out my stall and forgot those memories in my business. What I gained was the trust of all my sales ladies and boys. They finished their studies. They never forgot me until now. I also sold out my house on that place and moved to the city where I have my new home now with my son.

On shat moment, I went abroad and here where my life feels like free. I found the best boss whom I stay now half of my lifespan on earth. **They trusted me from day 1 up to 22 years with them until right now. Remembering when I was 1 year here,my last employer in the Philippine wrote an apologized letter. She called me through land-line asking me to go back home so I could live my life with my family. She felt regrets and conscience overflowed. She told me that she could not sleep that I been away from my son and husband. She wanted me to manage again those business or I will work with her again. I refused and I already lost my trust. GOD GAVE ME THE BEST, BETTER KIND OF EMPOYER,A SAUDIAN FAMILY


2004,My husband died while I was away from theme. I never knew that my husband worked to his establishment again as electrician in their poultry farm. My husband died, the more conscience bothered them even until now. I went home attending the burial of my husband. They paid all the expenses and all. They invited me to their home and we were reunited. Yes! we were reconciled but the pained being away from my husband and only son would stay forever. I forgave and forgot everything,but the scars marked it, scarred me for a lifetime.

As this moment, I only trust myself and never give 100% to anyone. Trust is the key to have a happy life ever after but we have to be cautious as what had happened to me specifically.

For my husband in heaven, I am so sorry, it was not my dream and not my fault living without you in your last day, it's not my fault leaving you for you forced me to go away, it's not my fault that I was not there on the last breath of yours, Rest in peace! You lost from us when they lost their trust to us unexpectedly!

This is my entry for @ecotrain question of the week.

Thank you for giving me chance to opened up some closed memories. There is no tomorrow when we didn't passed our today and yesterday!

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The many, many seasons and faces of trust. I'm sorry that you had such painful parts of your journey, and that your husband passed while you were away from him. I'm sure his spirit knows and feels all you have done for your family.

Appreciating how hard this story must be to share. Thank you.

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Thank you for the gd rds from you all the time. This was my yesterday and I can't deny it nor hide,a part of my tomorrow.

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Wow! Grabeh na experience..

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Grabeeh akong life sister

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