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There is a good saying "How we Judge Others Is How We Judge Ourselves"
To an extent yes I do believe that we do judge people based on our own behavior and actions. We get into a judgmental mode very instinctively and instantly. Our thoughts and behavior is controlled by too many external factors. The curiosity to know someone even without knowing the person is there most of the time. So we get into judging and forming opinions based on the outer appearance i.e. body language and behavior. We relate the same with our's and do not shy off to make judgments.

How we judge others matter. A Bias or a Non-bias judgement is what matters. After we have made some judgement about someone, does it end there or do we keep going on in our mind with it. Can we maintain neutrality?

Majorly we judge people when we do not know them well. If we would know them well we would not judge them in the first place. So what we are judging is all externally which we can see and perceive and based on our own perceptions, which is not really good. The moment we try to dwell deep a lot of opinions will change. Hence it is very important to observe our thoughts when making judgments of others. Are they positive or are they critical. Is there a pattern in forming our judgments.


If we observe that our pattern of making judgement is similar that is either a constant positive or a constant critical one then definitely we are judging the person based on our own values and our own character. Judging others critically all the time is not very good, but at the same time judging others all the time positively is also not very healthy, because it is possible that the person may genuinely not be nice but because of our own values and character we do not see wrong in them either. If we are a perfectionist in something we also want the other person to be at some level if not the same, and if the person does not meet our expectation we start judging them and somewhere internally within our mind putting them down. Hence it is important to maintain neutrality.

Judging someone comes very naturally and to an extent it is just not about our values but also about our experiences, societal conditions, the superior and inferior conditioning. If we have faced betrayal time and again from people, it would be difficult for us to have faith in other people and we will always be suspicious about people. Making judgement is also an ego gratification. It is always better to let our emotions, reactions be in our control. The middle road approach is the best one. Our attitude is set by the state of our mind, and our actions are influenced by our attitude. If we can realign the state of our mind we can get onto the neutral path of not 100% then somewhere close to it. To bring value into our judgement is completely our will and choice which we need to do mindfully by self-assessing our own self. The state of our mind will decide how we perceive others.

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the middle road, yes! balance is always the best route..i think the trick is holdng the reins and not just judging everyone endlessly as a kind of way of thinking.. if you know what i mean...

lovely little post, always happy to see you join us with your grounded wisdom. xxx

True, why do we need to do that in the first place. It's just best to be in the moment with everyone and then leave it there itself.
Thank you

It is easy to get caught up in judging people on an external basis. I try not to do that the best I can . And I think being active on Steem and being introduced to such a larger diversified group of people has made me think twice about judging outwardly.

Appreciate your Thoughts @nainaztengra

True, I feel if the maturity level is good enough then automatically we do not get into this drama.
Thank you @robertandrew for visiting:-)

Hi @nainaztengra beautiful perspectives, and I thank you for sharing your insights. I believe in the balance of everything too. The middle road approach as you say it here. ❤

Thank you @cryptokannon for sharing your thoughts :-)

Our emotions are an indicator on the dashboard, not the driver!

Funny you mention someone facing betrayal, I’ve recently been judged by someone who has obviously been betrayed and judged many times before.

That's so much us humans, we always need a fallback be it whatever :-)

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

Thanks for the great read!

Thank you :-)