Ecotrain QOTW: A Lesson I've learnt in life | Kindness gives back more than you realise

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What an inspiring topic actually which I have caught up with through the blog of @revisesociology . Not always do the topics of the Ecotrain strike on me so much, but this one actually is some that is so broad and applicable to anyone, and it would be a shame not to participate in this.

One of the things after the hurricane we had in Sint Martin a couple years back was going back into a form of survival mode. And because of lack of all resources it was challenging to get anything. Food, gas, you name wasn't there.

That is when we started joking with the saying 'it is not who you are, it is who you know'. But actually there is a twist to this saying in the end . Because it is not on who you know, it is who is willing to share with you when they themselves also are having a rough time. So the sentence is better said:

It is not who you are, it is about who is willing to know you for who you are.

And that can and will only be realised by kindness. It is about helping somebody out with a small favor they didn't ask for. It is about checking in on someone to see how they are doing. It is about leaving something small at the door of your friends house even when they don't ask for it. It is about just being the soul which you want your tribe to be. Because that is what it is. The people you surround yourself with, you can call them your tribe. Your group of chosen people.

I came back into the country here after being gone for 5 years. 5 years of where everybodies lives have continued. 5 years in not always having had the most of contact, but the contact which was there was always good. 5 years of where everybodies lives have gotten busier and busier every day. And still all of these people were willing (and volunteering) to give a hand with moving, wanting to catch up, asking how the family was doing and more. It was overwhelming sometimes to see how good we still were, and when I was looking back..I would immediately do the same. It is about being the person who you want your friends to be

It is about lending someone your gear when you also need it yourself. It is about helping someone with something even when your schedule is also cracking busy, creating room or it. It is inviting someone for some food because you know they are too busy to make it themselves. It is not so difficult, more common sense...

And it will give back more than you can ever imagine. Be the person who you want others to be


You are right. Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Treat others how you want to be treated and the world will be a much better place. Disasters tend to bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others. Greed seems to be a motivator these days...

greed is a nasty lil greener in total yeah, and anot a good one at all. Think a little broader than the own doorstep is always a good one right?

I wonder if you miss your life in Sint Martin?

hehe excellent question. Often I do, often I don't. I really miss the weather, the ocean, and how everything is possible. I saw some friends I know from there earlier in the week, and we all have the same kind of 'hunger' back.
But the politics, the economic covid situation, and the fragility after the hurricane are the downside of it, which dont affect your life there...but on the other hand it does...
So yes and no.

But the politics, the economic covid situation, and the fragility after the hurricane are the downside of it,

Awww I completely understand. Maybe someday when this is all over, you can go back.

So right, small acts of kindness go a long way, you always remember them and it makes you inclined to pass them on!

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That is even a better one, passing on the goodness. And asking nothing in return. But just because it feel...good!

Man, this is the best lesson to learn. I don't know about you but there's been times in my past where I've held onto things and been a bit closed off, as if I felt I had to look after me and me alone. Turns out that's rubbish. The more you give, and the kinder you are, the more in comes back in kind....Imagine if the whole world learn that, early, and that everyone did it as a matter of course. And of course, the more you practice it, the better you become at it. It becomes second nature.

It should be a bit more in everybodies second nature in general. Because A: it is just nice and awesome to do. And B: it leads to so much more better stuff and why do we always forget that

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