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RE: 🌍 ecoTrain QOTW 100 STEEM IN PRIZES!!! "In what ways has centralisation failed us?"

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Great question and I intend to participate on this one, but you put me in a dilemma. I'm already researching and writing on how the healthcare industry was centralized and standardized in the early 1900s. It's criminal what the "progressives" did to us back then. So it would be easy to write an offshoot showing how the centralization of medicine in the US has failed us (not in every way, but certainly in astronomical costs).

But........ I can't really let your comment here stand: "Isn't it interesting that every political system we have today, whether it be capitalism or communism, is based on a totally centralised system.." Capitalism is not centralized. Corporatism... that's centralized. Capitalism, however, is an economic system based on capital. That's all it is. It depends largely on the market context in which capital is employed. In a free market, capitalism can exist (and does on smaller scales) as completely decentralized! So rather than writing on health centralization, maybe I should make this point more clear and let that be my entry. Or... maybe I can combine the two. Thinking aloud........


oh yay, im really happy you are taking part.. the numbers QUeen!
I hear what you say about capitalism... maybe there is a kind that isnt centralised but ive never seen it!?

how about you do focus on health, an also you can explain about capitalism and what centalised is as in intro?

look forward to the post!

Well, this one sort of followed its own path and wrote itself... here's what I ended up with: