JOIN US for the ecoTrain QOTW! "Should we judge others by our own values?

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It's QOTW time again, and this week we're shaking things up with a question that many of us may not have considered before! I think we take judgement for granted, and most of us do not really even realise we are judging half the time. I think that is because judgement is one of those things that we often do silently in our minds, with no check and no filter to guide it. It seems natural and normal to judge people according to the same values that we hold for ourselves.. but is that actually even a smart way to live?

How do you judge? DO you require other people to uphold the values that you have, and how do you react when that doesn’t happen? Do you get upset with others, for example because they are consistently late for meetings, and you would never make some wait and are always on time. Or do you let them know that they have done something that you don’t like and ask them to change their behaviour? Or perhaps you do nothing, say nothing?

So this week we invite you to share a post about judgement, how it can help and how it may hinder our connections. DO you spend more time judging yourself or other people, and what kind of things do you judge people for? Looking back at your life, do you feel you judge people all the time, or hardly at all? Whatever aspect of this question you would like to answer, we want to hear it! I cant wait to see what you post on this one!



"Should we judge others by our own values?"

- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this question!
- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.
- You can post anytime from now until Friday 24th January.
- Use the tag 'ecotrain' along with any other tags you wish to use.
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"Should we judge others by our own values?"

Yes. We hold our values because we believe they are true, relevant, and useful. We sure shouldn't judge others by any values that don't meet that standard =) However, while we cannot help but judge matters of every kind and at every scale, it is utterly necessary to consider our own attainment of our values in assessing the validity of our judgment.

In other words, I know I am not a rocket scientist, so do not expect my judgment regarding the design of rockets to be particularly useful to folks building rockets. I am just as much not someone else, and thus my judgments about their lives, decisions, and social interactions are just as inconsequential as my judgments about rockets and brain surgery.

In all judgments, our humility is a critical component, and the hubris with which people judge others is a direct result of their lack of honest self reflection and excess of conceit, which brings violence and woe to humanity. Were we suitably humble, and I definitely speak for myself here, we would instead associate haply and bring joy and good company to our fellows.

Essentially, this is what is encouraged by the aphorism 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' It's not that we are even capable of not judging, but that when we do we must not criticize others for what we do not criticize with equal censure in ourselves. Because of this, I prefer the saying 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' In the context of this QOTW, I would restate these proverbs as 'Judge others as you judge yourself.'

That's how we should judge others: with love.


Edit: I didn't even undertake to enter the contest, so please do not consider this an entry, because it doesn't meet the standard for entries. I was just intrigued by the question, and led to comment. Others have much greater interest in tokens, and rewards should go to them. I just want to be proved wrong when I am, so I can change my mind and become right. It's also useful to me to know when I am not wrong, so I can base further understanding on my current grasp with confidence.

To me, that is the greatest reward: the good opinion and pleasant discourse of my peers. Nothing else has such value.

LOL... I see INTROSPECTION in my near future as I ponder a response to this one!!

GOOD question!!

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that would be the word!.. as always with me!

Hello, I didn't think I'd write replies, but this one just got me thinking too much.
Here's my entry:

hello awesome people, qtow is nice. Here's my entry, thanks and have a nice day

here is my response, what a question this was, I thought it was pretty straight forward, but wow was I wrong. This is one of my longest posts to date I think. xxx

Hello team @ecotrain thank you for this question that make all of us reflect and see how we judge others. This is my response and entry to this question, thank you and have a great day ahead!

I probably not touching on anything new here, but here's my shot.