ecoTrain QOTW: Who do you trust and how do you trust?

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TRUST. Perhaps the most important thing in a relationship and to our heart and soul... Trust is the bedrock of many relationships whether they be with family, friends or work colleagues. In life we have to trust others in so many ways, and often times we have to rely on trust so that we can survive and prosper. There are so many kinds of trust and we do so, sometimes blindly, even when our lives depend on it! We trust a driver of a bus to safely take us to our destination. We trust our family and friends with our secrets and feelings. We trust our governments to do the right thing. We trust our doctors to heal us. Who we place our trust in is so important, and in this world of secrets, ulterior motives, and deceit it is so important who we trust because our very lives and well-being can depend on it.

This week the QOTW asks you "who you trust and how you decide who to place your trust in." What signs and signals do you pay attention to when deciding to trust someone? Do you follow your instinct and just go with your heart, or do you test people and take time to decide who is worthy of your trust? Perhaps you choose not to trust anyone and protect yourself that way. This week I would like to hear and learn from you, to understand how you make these decisions and learn who you trust and why. The decisions and choices we make will impact our lives, and may make the difference between living a happy and supported life or finding out that people have been working behind the scenes to sabotage something important to you.

So this week, please share with us your process, and what things you do to make trust a positive and valued part of your life. How do you nurture it, forge it, and maintain it. Does trust need to be earned, and once broken can you ever trust again? Do you trust anyone until it is broken, or do you wait until it feels safe to do so. Whatever you have to say about trust, we want to hear from you! It's time to share your wisdom and help us make this world a better place!


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"Who do you trust and how do you trust?"

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My first ever reply to QOTW.... So excited...!!

yay you - it can be like a freebie therapy session. :)

Whoa!! This cuts right to the heart of everything!! LOL. Not like you, Mr Train Driver, to slash away at facades and expose the nitty-gritty of belief and motivation. LOL. LOVE IT. I'm up for a contribution this time!

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Oooh... thinking hard about this one! About to head into a busy time at work, so I do hope I find the time.

Greetings and much love to all. I especially thank @eco-alex for the opportunity to reflect on topics so ours and @artemislives for the affection. To all of you, thank you for reading.
Happy Sunday!
Here is my participation in the question of the week:

you just keep them rolling in, questions that really get us to delve deep and meet ourselves for who we really are. xxxxx

You know what they say @ecotrain... better late than never ;-)

P.s. I realize I'm too late for inclusion in the wrap up post. This one took a bit of thinking time.

Hello that beautiful word, I agree how important is the confidence to live better and know how to live, especially trust in the people we love is important.

Here you go!

Trust is a funny thing, isn't it? As soon as someone is emotionally wounded, ...

Phew.... just in time (hopefully).... needed this situation to play out in order to be able to reflect on it and write about it. Still so very fresh an experience.