ECOTRAIN QOTW TIE UP: What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else?

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Thank you to all who shared their stories and ideas this week! The response was inspiring and pretty incredible in many ways... SO many of you shared your personal stories, some of them quite hard to read, but all very inspiring. This week some themes did show up, and most significantly it seems that many of us feel that our state of mind and emotional well-being are most important for our overall health. Of course exercise, a healthy diet are all key, but at our core we need to have a healthy mind, and positive thoughts to allow all these other factors to help us.

If you suffer from chronic health issues, please do take the time to read a few of these posts, im sure you will find some real gems and inspiration on just about about all of them!
Wishing you much love and good health!



Hey guys, good day

This week @ecotrain came up with another new challenge "What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else?" . In this video I talked about it and I will hopefully write an elaborate post about it... Enjoy the video...



How are you all of course you are good today is going to answer a very important question you will certainly like

The question is what is more important for good health
Emotion Diet exercise Positive Thinking or Something Else
Response by @ecotrain
It is a very important question that is really important to us and it is very important to our health and if we can give some tips about it, it will be very important to every human being.


Are you someone who is always fit and healthy, never gets a cold, or do you always have something 'bugging you excuse the pun ;-) ... In your own experience what do you do to stay healthy, or what have you discovered works best? Maybe you grab some high potency vitamin C pills at the first sign of a cold, or perhaps you dig up some goji berries instead. Maybe you wont touch antibiotics and look instead to natural remedies to stay on top of things? Do you work out daily, with a strong set of cardio and stretches, or perhaps you look to yoga to keep in top form.. OR could it be that you meditate, chant, and use positive affirmations to keep your mind positive and strong.


Thanks to Steem platform for allowing freedom. I am glad I can openly share my views without bothering of the result or conclusion.

The freedom again allowing me to express my viewpoint on this week @ecotrain question of the week what is more important for good health, emotions, diet, excercise, positive thinking or something else?? READ HERE for detail post.

I feel, the most important aspect of leading a healthy life is to be "Happy". A key , a secret for all kinds of trouble and issue that crops up in life.


Last weekend I felt I was coming down with the cold. A slight soreness in my throat announced the arrival of this benign sickness, which could last a whole week if you don’t take anything for it, or if you do it could pass in only seven days. As it turns out, the whole shebang was gone just two days after it started. It didn’t even reach the stage of congestion. Most importantly, however, this has been the worst illness I have had for almost two years. How is that possible?

The Truth is: This hasn’t Always Been the Case.


I'm absolutely terrified of saying that I haven't got a cold this year yet. I won't even talk about the flu shot that I didn't get, even though I'm in a high risk demographic working with hundreds of people daily and I'm asthmatic. There's something about saying those words allowed that makes me totally freak out and go and wash my hands and take zinc tablets and drink two litres of water, a magic ritual to ward off the 'lurgy', which for those who don't know, is a word for an unspecified illness, British in origin. And so I approach the Ecotrain question of the week (which I encourage you to answer, too!) with a degree of caution, just in caseI totally jinx myself. But hey, as the leader of Natural Medicine, how could I resist writing a post about health? It's the cornerstone of a group focussed on natural healing through conscious choices about what we put in our bodies, or don't, as the case may bee.


Hello Dtubers,
By this video I am just going to share my response for this week @ecotrainchallenge with another new question What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else?Let’s check my video for details about my thoughts.
If you want to share your response, Check the challenge post HERE

Thanks all for watching this video.


I find it interesting that this question pops up at this time. I’ve been mostly offline for a number of weeks, what with very busy and intense work and family commitments that were taking up bandwidth.

Last week I took a break from work and spent a few days at my sister’s place in sunny North Bondi (Sydney). I spent my time walking along the beautiful coastline, hanging out in cafes, watching Seinfeld reruns, and playing the odd bit of Eve Online. It was the ideal resting and reset for my nervous system.

For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a professional TCM Practitioner & Acupuncturist. Good health and happiness was my stock in trade. I came into the profession through my own serious struggles with illness, which I’ve written about before.


Having lost my health at one point in my life I realized what a big part being healthy plays in giving you quality of life. Also how important it is to take care of yourself with good nutrition, getting fresh air and sunshine, keeping physically active interspersed with periods of rest and adequate sleep, keeping up your interests and being a life long learner (exercising your mind) and also having a meditation practice to help keep you centered and keep the stress levels down.

Here's what each of these areas look like for me -


Hello dear Steemians ! This article is my answer to @ecotrain's weekly question : "What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else ?" Perhaps first of all, define what is meant by good health! Is it a state, physical or moral? Because health is not only the absence of disease, health is a condition, whereas disease is more like a reaction.


Health is integral, there is so much that depends on it, as factors that integrate it. Therefore, enjoying good health implies balance.

There are people who think that the body is a temple that must be attended to in its slightest demand, giving it all the energy and care that it is capable of. But, contrary to this, philosophy drives to raise awareness that the body is a temple, but that it houses not only the organic, but the mind and soul. Therefore, if it is a question of living with health, harmony and well-being, the trilogy must be treated as a human essence and not just the physical body.


Good afternoon people of the universe!

The question is so interesting as it deals regarding our health. We always heard that health is wealth.

For me, positive thinking endures a lot of good aspect in our life. Like for me , l feel better eventhough last night I had a pained in my body. When I woke up I planned going to the doctor but I realized if I will go there doctor will be just giving me pain reliever. What I did, I positively doing my work and conquered the pain. Drinking a lot of water, eat fruits and vegetables soup really helps me. I also drink a lot of lemon juice. Amazingly, l sweat a lot and the pain is gone.

I ask the Lord God to touch me because without Him the pain will stay. I have my faith to God all the time. He guided me wherever I go and whatever I do. I entrust everything to Him.


Whenever I go to the western doctor, the nurse asks "what medications do you take?" They always seem very surprised when I answer "none" as if they have never heard that from a 60 something before.

At 64 we should be healthy. At 54 we should be healthy. At 34, at 24, at 14 and at 4, health should be the norm, not the exception. Yet here we are, nearly all of us sick. Sick with SOMETHING.

Conditions we are told are "normal" include: acid reflux, headaches, indigestion, bowel movement irregularities, frequent injuries, sinus congestion, cavities, bad breath, acne, and chronic pain of many types. For these, most of us head to the drug store, choose some expensive toxin for ourselves and hope it relieves the symptom. At this earliest stage of illness, we often mistake symptoms for causes.

Conditions the western doctors admit are more worrisome but still nothing unusual include: a broad range of auto-immune diseases, asthma, ADD, autism, mood disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis, blood pressure irregularities, heart rate irregularities, high cholesterol, sleep disorders, dementia, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, Epstein Barr etc. For these the doctors say "tut tut take this" and many of us just do so and hope it helps.


I struggle a lifetime, my lifetime, with a bad health.

I am a bad product of the humankind. Like my children say "You are in life danger of something small and will be one of the few who survives the plague." And it is true. I never catch a cold, never had the flu although I have over 7 autoimmune diseases.

I surprise my children, doctors, specialists with my organs, immune system and the fact I am still around.

It can not be thanks to the great and healthy food I survived.
I was always poorly fed and been underfed and my intestines still have a hard time to deal with food.

It can not be the love and care.
I was born too early, not taken to the hospital, locked into a bathroom and beaten up for years until I escaped at the age of 15 years old.

I worked day and night, already as a little kid.
Seldom slept. Did this kind of exercise keep me fit?
Fit? I am overtired and wish I could sleep for a hundred years.


MMMmmmm.. After some deep thought I have my answer,.., and a slightly unique answer it may be! As always with the QOTW we can interpret the question in many ways... and on this occasion I am going to interpret the phrase "GOOD HEALTH" to mean not only physical health but also our mental state and overall feeling of well-being.. I mean, its no use being physically fit and healthy if at the same time we are depressed and sad, and likewise there is not much joy to be had if you are in pain and physically out of shape. So, looking at our overall health.. which includes our mental, physical and emotional well-being.. I have my answer... and its not about food, or any kind of natural medicine, or getting up at 5am to meditate.. followed up by a 2 hour yoga session.. SO WHAT CAN IT BE I hear you ask!?



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It’s inspiring and definitely helpful to read such stories. I’m glad I found them...

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Thanks for including my post in this!!

It was fun and a great way to get back into the groove of contemplating, writing, and posting.

Keep up the great work trainspotters!!

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It is really an honor to share with awake people, who lives life in a simple way, looking for the positive in every circumstance. Thank you for making me feel part of this.

As I am getting to know and understand Steemit, I see this is interesting to read a variety of post on a single topic in one post itself. A lot of different perspective is coming out from each of the author. Thank you for sharing.

It was such an interesting one Alex. I am still going through the others post and need to catch up on covering as many as possible

Congratulations everyone. Great posts and perspectives.

Loved this one, and reading all the responses as well! It was also good fun to support them with @naturalmedicine, will go grab the ones I missed now! Good health to all!

So many great entries. Good to have them all together to read 👍💕

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You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Love hearing about everyone's health journeys! Wonderful collection and I appreciate you including my post in the collection!

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It's a very nice compilation and I will be resteeming it then read all during vacant hour. Thrnk you for this initiative most especially this hard time of finding what post will do in steemit now.

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GREAT post tie up @eco-alex. Thank you. Gratitude for all that you have created, and for @ecotrain being a bridge-builder and support to so many, across numerous steem communities. Your big heart and willingness to grow with steem is clearly inspiring a LOT of new ecotrain posters. haha... running behind to catch up this week!! :) x

How nice to see new names and new faces posting and sharing so freely.

oh I forgot to put my link in that question but it's my fault..anyway thanks for this wonderful QTOW..

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