ecoTrain QOTW Tie Up Post: Who do you trust and how do you trust?

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Thank you all who took part this week... yet another incredible response from our ever growing community.. The wisdom that is shared is so inspiring and deep, and never ceases to surprise me! This week you sure went deep, and it was also good to read so many personal stories.. they always help me to get to know you all a bit better, so thank you for keeping it real and sharing the juicy stuff!

I appologise if i didnt comment on your post this week, I am currently travelling and right now in an airport about to head back home to India, but there is JUST enough time and battery life to get this posted! So without further ado, let's get stuck in to your answers!


I have gone through my life trusting others, believing that most people are inherently good. I have also trusted the wrong people and I have learnt from that, some of those lessons were very painful and really shook me to my core.

When we are born we trust our parents wholeheartedly, we trust that they will provide us with all that we need, and what we receive from them, really shapes us and our impression of the world.


I've recently been immersed a very challenging situation with a work client which has brought up issues of trust for me. While I won't go into any of the gory details, the experience itself has been rewarding even at the same time it was incredibly stressful and upsetting.

People with disabilities often have no choice but to put their trust in other people, as they require so much more assistance for every-day tasks that most of us would take for granted. When we trust someone so much we become dependent on them, we better make sure that person is deserving of that level of trust.

Then again, so too do workers/employees: we trust that our supervisors and managers will do the right thing, follow the appropriate laws, and so on. We trust that they will submit invoices, pay our superannuation and our taxes, etc.


Trusting others has nothing to do with them, with who they are or what they represent. It has everything to do with who WE are, the vibration we choose to exude, the energies we call in and our willingness to be so in touch with ourselves that we KNOW what we're engaging in and with, cos we FEEL it. In that place, that outdated concept of blind trust is superfluous.

I would go so far as to say TRUST is a mirror of what we believe about others, the world as a safe space and what we believe about ourselves


Trust is one of the most important ability a person should have in life. It could be a very significant advantage when people trusted you. Otherwise, be careful because once it lost in a single blink of our eyes, it means nothing at all. Everything will be flipped ant turn someone life to misery and regrets. We should give it a value and put it in our mind not to abuse those who trusted us.

Flower photography is mine.

This question I will refer it to myself. If we trust someone we could give flowers and love unconditionally. Trust is a source of a good life but for me, I rather say, do not trust anyone 100%.

Why I say it?


Personally, I tend to be fairly trusting, giving people the benefit of the doubt. Now, if they deceive me or act in an untrusting manner, I may over look it once or twice but never a third time. They have lost my trust and will have to earn it back. I will not totally dismiss a person, never giving them another chance, but they have to merit my opening up to them. If I am really being trusting, I am being vulnerable and I would not become like that with someone who is not worthy.

Now if they were to show themselves to be of very poor character, I would not want anything to do with them. The author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said


When it comes to trust issues, we have to consider so many different things. Trusting someone is tough and it's become tougher in modern days. People have so many different faces, you may never know what they really are, what they are hiding under their beautiful smiles. But we have to have trust; otherwise, we will be very fragile emotionally, at the end of the day.

And then the basic question arises, "How to trust people"?

You can name it 'Gut feeling' what I usually follow when it comes to 'Who do you trust and how do you trust'. I depend on my intuition. But depending on it can be a little difficult if you don't have a good connection with thyself.


Trust is a funny thing, isn't it? As soon as someone is emotionally wounded, one of the first sentences they cry is: I don't know how I will ever trust anyone ever again. Get wounded often enough - especially in childhood, when those wounds become all-defining - and you have trust issues. I don't buy those 'trust no one' quotes myself. They speak to me of deeply wounded people putting up huge boundaries between themselves and others to protect themselves from harm. Whilst I get the need to do this, I think it's dangerous to accept such as advice as gospel.


Once again, @ecotrain has prompted us with a super interesting question of the week: Who do you trust, and how do you trust? This topic includes everything from trusting a bus-driver to deliver us safely to our destination, to trusting our government to do the right thing. But I can see how the same pattern can be applied to trusting our partner, or trusting strangers not to take advantage of us. Do I trust people? If so, when? Or if not, how do I decide against it? At first this may seem like a simple enough question, but I actually had to think quite a bit about it..


By nature, we are trusting beings because our essence is loving. If we perceive love in what surrounds us, we will feel trust. Trust always prevails in all the decisions we make on a daily basis. If we do not have faith in ourselves and in our decisions, it will be difficult for others to have respect for us. That's why so many thinkers start from self-confidence, describing the process necessary to build trust in others. Then, we notice another important element to have confidence in one and in others: Faith.
But is it easy to trust others? Definitely not much these days. There are so many scoundrels who take advantage of the good faith of people who believe in human kindness: Mockery, deceit, betrayal, corruption, have been creating conditions that challenge our faith in others on a daily basis. Therefore, although it must be optimized as a sense of unity, harmful people have conspired to make more and more people become skeptical. But, then, should we act according to our nature or as imposed by an unwholesome social environment?



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Participating this was a wonderful meditation & reflective exercise, taking us back to one of the foundation points of all community: trust. Some amazing responses and so much candour and vulnerability.

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You missed my post @eco-alex :-(

this question really got me and everyone else to dig deep, peeling away layers and connecting us with who we are, thank you for that xxxx

Such a wonderful collection of responses to the @ecotrain QOTW on trust. Lots of thought put in those replies which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I'm off to read a few more now - thanks for putting that togethre @artemislives!