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This week I asked you to share a story about how you overcame a life challenge. Thank you all for sharing your personal stories, and how you personally dealt with it. There are so many ways to respond to life challenges, and by reading and sharing our stories we can not only help others to learn and be inspired to improve and handle life better, but we can also affirm to ourselves what we did so we can repeat them for life’s next challenges! On a personal note, as some of you may know, I have been dealing with my own life challenges of late, much of it health related both emotional and physical. What I have done to help myself is to whisk myself off to the very supportive and spiritual atmosphere of a small Ashram in Rishikesh. This process has forced me to do many things that were too hard to do alone, notably to stop smoking, and to take my meditation practice to a deeper level. I have been here a week, and whilst it is hard to forge these new patterns, it is much easier and happening much more quickly than i was able to do alone. SO that is how I am handling my situation, and I will stay here until i feel I have gotten over the hump!

SO, with that said, I hope you will enjoy reading some of the posts below from everyone who has shared their way, and maybe it will give you some encouragement and inspiration for you to do the same. Thank you again for all your wonderful posts, a big part of why i love the QOTW is how it brings us together and shows the great diversity and depth of our characters. You guys are so wonderful and make so much effort to answer these questions with your hearts and souls!



When I read this question, I was wondering which of my story should I be going ahead with for this post. When I reflect on this question I can think of so many situations in my life which have been extremely challenging. For sure everything is very smooth as of now, but couple of years ago I was feeling like Life was a total drama and there was always something back to back happening. With all of that I also had a lot of suicidal tendencies. But thank god I could come out of all of it. Thinking about all the situations, I will shortlist on the challenges that I have faced in my Marriage and the struggle to keep it going.


Last week infact I don't know from how many days, my life has been rough, shattered and broken. Today I saw question by @ecotrain where you can share your story about your life and I guess this is the best time to write a post about it..I will be very open and honest with you guys..

You know I live in Ukraine, which is not my native country and everyday I have to face some new challenges but I never broke down. I sorted them out but this time something terrible happened in my life which I was not prepared. I left all work, was not present anywhere , stayed at home and broke down. I was frustrated, broken, devastated and still I don't know whether I am recovering or not. I am trying to back into my normal life and it's hard.


"I had to overcome challenge after challenge in order to take my life from nothing to the life of my dreams."

Curtis Jackson.

Life includes the good and the not-so-good that happens to us, ups and downs and challenges. The way we face life's challenges can define us and open us up to new opportunities or sink, if we don't handle it properly. This is what ECOTRAIN QOTW this week is about, sharing a story about a challenge of life, which causes an implosion of memories to lead us to become aware of how we have been assuming the challenges that life has brought us and how we have reacted, changed or grown with each challenge.


I found the question of the week interesting since I have been through several challenges despite my young age. I feel that the challenge that has marked me the most was the loss of two loved ones. Persons who accompanied me in my best moments.

The truth at first I did not know how to handle the situation. When I heard the sad and unfortunate news, I wanted to blame everyone and I wondered why God and life placed a challenge as strong as that.

Believe me that if calling a friend or the police my challenge were to be resolved, I would have called them. In that difficult time of not knowing what to do, the only way I could think of to overcome my pain was to take refuge in God and in my family. They were very important support at that time.


I was 16 year's old that time when I graduated in highschool. I want to study in college but I have two older sister's who currently studying. My parents couldn't let us study at the same time because of financial issues. They promised that after they'll be finished, I'll be studying next. You know in the Philippines it's hard to find job if you're not finish studying college. Especially when you live in provinces. Instead of not going to work my parents sent me to Mindanao, far from our hometown. My mother lives there and she has 2 hectares land, with coconut tree and fruits. When I arrived there I have no idea what to do. The life style was different than what I used to live.


This is a great question of the week and what a coincidence it really happened to me and our family. Anyway, may I say thank you to @ecotrain for this initiative. The story goes recently about my mother. She is a dialysis patient, a 67 years old woman who is very strong and a good mother to us, 6 siblings. My father who is a 69 years old man, take good care of his wife. My mother was a hard working mother, she got married at early age. She didn’t survive know yet her obligation as a wife but it really happened because of their love between my parent. My mom was 15 and my father was 18 when they got married. To make the story shorter, let us talk about her recent dialysis session. It has been 4 consecutive time she never go to those session because of financial problem. Aside from being a dialysis patient, she became blind due to her diabetes. Maybe this is the cause of her kidney failure.


A number of years ago I had befriended a very successful, intelligent, Internationally renown author, businessman, and educator who lived in Cambridge and who was in a different league than me. I was someone from the back woods who, yes, did have the start of a successful business under my belt (which I sold to my partners) but other than that my only claim to fame at the time, was as a go to person for gardening and a beloved swimming instructor who could no longer teach because of an accident. His name was Dr. Jeffrey Lant.


I would like to say thank you to @mrnightmare89 for his post that I dropped by. I was challenged making my story today. I just want to share, maybe it will give lesson to everyone. Thank you @ecotrain for initiating this Since childhood I already passed many kind of challenges but those challenge made me stronger and I gracefully survived through tears with a little bit of smile sometimes.


Another question by @ecotrain and this time around, how do you handle your challenges. I thought I'd handle one that is current.

Kids!!! Especially when they are in their teens. Finding the balance of Tiger Mum and Cheerleader is not the easy. You want to give them space, allow them to find themselves. At the same time you need to find a way to convey what's good for them without your expectations taking the lead for checkmate.


What would life be like without the many challenges that come our way. I see those challenges as an opportunity for growth. But first, first we have to ride the many waves that carry us forwards and then backwards. That throw us up upon the shore only to take us back out to sea again. Where the waters can be oh so calm one minute and then stormy the next.

hese Turbulent Waves
that shake me to my core
that rip me open and leave me exposed!
no relief from their constant battering
as the throw me naked upon the shore
of who I am!



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Thank you @ecotrain and it is so much deserving more than anything. The values of life we learned, how dealing it and how it should be? My life had a lot of drama but I survived! I didn't survive if God never guided me to the right pathway to move on everyday. Yet, the challenge is always in my way but I am still in my positive position to keep it up until the end of time.

Thank you so much!

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So many amazing posts and I'm not finished reading LOL. Great question this week. Someday I'll get my timing down and not miss these.

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Excellent entries.. wow..

I watched this one with interest. Me? I choose NOT to identify with stories and challenges past, cos they are just that - PAST. I'm looking the other way!! But it was fascinating reading and I loved seeing the question bringing others out of their posting lulls. Nice job Mr Train Driver @eco-alex. xxx

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Wise ol bird!
I tink you will like and maybe even answer tomorrows qotw :)

hahaha... it could happen! much love to you. x