⭐ ecoTrain QOTW Season 2 #6: What do you think is as the root of conflict between people?

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There is so much conflict in the world within the macrocosm and microcosm, and even internally within ourselves. What is at the root of this conflict? What causes us to get upset or angry with other people? Do people annoy us or do we let them annoy ourselves, and could that inner angst be a resonance of a deeper issues at play, namely that our needs are not being met, and often times we do not even know what our needs are!

We sure dove deep this week and received some really stunning, insightful and intuitive responses to the question, What do you think is as the root of conflict between people?

Well done and thanks to everyone who contributed to this tough Question of the Week.


My Opinion of What is the Root of Conflict Between Mankind, What Needs Are Not Being Met

"Only solution is to practice their respective religions with full dedication and try not to indulge in such things that harm nature and beings. By practicing religion means their responsibility towards their family, mom, dad, brother and society should be well carried. According to Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna said to Arjun that each one shall practice his religion without any conflicts."

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Ecotrain: Y Su Pregunta de la Samana

"We want you to speak our own language, if you don't, I don't accept it. You must have the same religion, otherwise, I do not accept it. You must have similar or similar habits to ours. You must dress the same, you must eat and have the same customs, etc ... If we do not learn to be collaborators, not to put on so many limitations, to want to be so territorial, materialistic, to have more possessions than we can handle, to fix power over others. If we do not stop feeding the "I" and feed the "we", I think we will never learn to live in a community without conflicts."

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What Is At The Root Conflict of Mankind?

"The division between religions, the schisms, crusades, witch hunts and ideological separative agendas were all pushed by political power groups. Mini governments within various religions whose main objectives were far removed from the religion's core values. At a root level these atrocities were committed out of a greed for power and perpetuated through fear."

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The Uniqueness of the Ego

"The mind makes us live an illusion of power by aggravating the "I" above the "We." And, here is the dilemma that arises: "To be or not to be" to evolve into "We", in direct proportion to the importance of plurality for consciousness. We are better people when we unify and seek the well-being, the harmony and the happiness of all..."

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The Root Cause of All the Evil Plaguing Our World

"Billions of religious people, so much hate: why? The money
Thousands of churches, so much crime: why? The money
Preach oneness, deny togetherness; why? The money
Promise salvation, impoverish the people and use their money to live in salvation
All they care is the money and power, and will do everything to fuel the religious divide to keep the money and power
Religious greed, killing millions in "peace"

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Communicating Needs & The Art of Listening

"...just like how we managed to unlearn empathy, we can strengthen it again, and even get to master it eventually. It all starts with being aware, paying attention to each other, and yes: communicating. This goes for finding out about other's needs as much as our own. It always helps to ask a sincere "What's wrong?", and there's nothing wrong with admitting "Something's wrong for sure, but I have no idea what it is. Can you help me find out?" Practicing this on our own already makes a world of a difference."

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Greediness of Inheritance Divides Mankind

"Unknowingly, their parent died at the same year. After losing their parent was the beginning of uncertainty. The root of conflict arises when they divided the land without proper designation. Overflowing ego and greediness empowered the eldest among siblings. He wanted the best part of the land. Some of my grandmother siblings didn't agree until they became unhappy and unity were gone."

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What is the Root Conflict Between Mankind? What Needs Are Not Being Met?

"The root conflict is the absence of roots. Think about it, us city dwellers walk constantly in a rootless ground. Most of our steps are taken on a concrete floor, and if we consider our feet to be our personal roots, they rarely get to touch the Earth without being shielded by shoes."

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What is the Root Conflict Between Mankind? What Needs Are Not Being Met?

"In my own experience of creating or managing teams, there has always been an unbalance regarding the collaboration vs. competition mindset. When people come together to actualize an idea, there seem to be specific areas that create conflict."

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What Is the Root of Conflict Between Mankind?

Separation. That's my answer in a single word. Conflict (large and small) is a symptom of the belief in separation. Would I voluntarily choose to attack (another aspect of) myself? We've basically fallen asleep to the reality of Oneness and instead believe that the illusion of separation is real.

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What is the Root Conflict Between Mankind? What Needs Are Not Being Met?

"GREEDINESS is one of the root that conflict mankind. Other's have power and other's is powerless. Rich take advantage the poor."

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When All Are One and One Is All

"The root of conflict?" I thought to myself. "The root of conflict is clearly the inability to relate to others."

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What is the Root Conflict Between Mankind? What Needs Are Not Being Met?

"When you have a deep connection to the earth, when you see your role in the great web of life, a part of the natural cycle, you can not ignore the destruction, the pain , the devastation. You can not ignore it and You fully understand that everything we do to the earth, we do to ourselves."

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Ecotrain QOTW Regarding the Roots of Conflict: A Response

"Now when there is a drop in morality and greed, hatred and delusion start to take over, conflicts arise. Wars, corruption and deceit start to prevail and lost are empathy, compassion and even our sense of humanity. It seems that the times we are in, morality is declining."

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Great work everyone. I hopefully will get through them all!!

A very productive week with a very interesting prism. Greetings and lots of love for everyone.

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