⭐ ecoTrain QOTW Oct 14-20: What is the root of conflict between mankind? What needs are not being met?

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Welcome to the question of the week, Season 2! This season we are working with the theme of community and we are building on the theme each week. We have been talking a lot about community this Season, and the idea of living in an ecoVillage. One thing that is very clear to me is that communities that prosper are ones where peoples needs are being met! But what are those needs, and can they ever be fulfilled? There is so much conflict in the world within the macrocosm and microcosm, and even internally within ourselves. What is at the root of this conflict? What causes us to get upset or angry with other people? Do people annoy us or do we let them annoy ourselves, and could that inner angst be a resonance of a deeper issues at play, namely that our needs are not being met, and often times we do not even know what our needs are!

So this week I would like to go deep sea diving with you, into a very important question and topic! What do you think is at the root of conflict between (wo)man kind? Are the reasons we have for small conflicts like we have with friends and family the same as the reasons we have for global conflicts between countries and cultures?

Do you think that conflict is even the result of our needs not being met, or is it something else? Are we just naturally prone to lies, deceit, selfishness because that is what we are, what do you think that is our true human nature?

Your answers will be so interesting to read, especially coming from you all, whose opinions and wisdom I value greatly. The posts on this QOTW always inspire and motivate me to keep asking questions, it really has been a learning experience every time. So, let's see what you got!

If you are not sure about what needs are not being met with others, then please think about what needs are not being met in your own life and share them. Going through this process of really thinking about what things in life are important to you, and realising those needs is very important. It leads us to being able to identify a root, that is often never discussed or even known about, and lets us resolve the issue because we are then able to talk about the right thing instead of being in a state of conflict about something altogether different!


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"What is the root of conflict between mankind? What needs are not being met?"

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 2 years ago 

This is really interesting. I read about the TSU bi-weekly question and had some thoughts about it, and then this QOTW is bringing up the same ideas and feelings.

Synchronicity? 😉

Thinking and meditation caps are on....... 🙏🏽💜

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Another thought provoking one. Read this just as I finished the TSU one - never mind, another 6 days to contemplate my approach and think about needs in terms of eco communities. Great question.

Yes nice synchronicity there! X

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A great question and @mr-greens can not wait to drop some lines about the root cause of all the evil that has befallen the world

Look forward to seeing your post!

Damn - gonna need some floaties and probably a lifevest to navigate the murky depths of this post without downing!! haha... NICE challenge question, Mr Train-Driver!!!

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this is quiet the question, looking forward to reading the responses and I will be thinking of my answer over the next few days xxx

Hi @ecotrain

It has been a little while since I last did an EcoTrain QOW but this one really fascinated me :) Thanks for the interesting and thoughtful prompt.


Greetings and much love to all. Here I leave my answer to the question of the week:

This is such a great question! Working on it now. <3 I am really excited to read what others write about this too. Been on my mind for about 3 decades.

great, i look forward to reading your post, happy to see you join us this week ! <3

Interesting question. I feel like I rushed the answer a bit, but here it is in any case:

My entry:
Have a nice day my fellow Steemians!

The question of this week really matter... https://steempeak.com/ecotrain/@olivia08/greediness-of-inheritance-devide-mankind

Just posted it! https://steempeak.com/@agiftoflove/what-is-the-root-of-conflict-between-mankind-what-needs-are-not-being-met

Thank you for bringing such a deep and meaningful question to the contest. I couldn't stop thinking about it. :-)

 2 years ago