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I had a bit of an education reading the responses this week.. wow! Sometimes your posts really blow the lid off, and this week is one of those times! Thank you all who took part and answered this fairly controversial question, you did not disappoint! I think its fair to say, that most of us, but not all, are thinking the same way on this one.. can you guess which way that is? If you didn’t post and have an opinion, please do say something in the comments.



I find it really interesting how so many people like to point the finger at others and blame them for the current state of the world. There is no denying that us humans are having a huge affect on the natural world, that our actions are causing certain natural cycles to speed up.

Nothing in nature is static, everything changes over time, that has always been the way of the world. Climate change is a natural occurrence, but we have accelerated the whole process, whilst creating quiet a bit of destruction along the way.

Everyday we hear new statistics about how our world is dying, statistics that really help to induce fear and panic. But the reality of it, is that us humans will die out before the earth does.


What a great and hardhitting question.
It's like that question "If you're against technology why do you use a cellphone ?"

I think that people will always try to evolve and in this world sometimes you have to move out of your country or travel to present work / studies in order to make money, meaning forcibly moving out of our confort zone. But it is a question of principles and ethics, anyone is free to try and do the best for themselves and others, it is up to each one of us to weight it out in our personal lives.

I don't consider that i take a full "eco-warrior" lifestyle, but i won't be flying anytime soon, as i don't need it and as my personal boycott to the airline industry (altough there are other industries involved of course), i still use petrol in several forms...

There is alot of CO2 dumped with the flying of planes but there are alot worse chemicals involved in airlines in general. My opinion in general is that alot of the climate change discourse and taxes are an hypocrisy specially taking in account that there are huge geoengineering programs running for decades now.


This is one of those subjects that, as humans, drown us in flat puddles. Chest blows and mantle tears from errors assumptions in which we have all participated in some way. So, if we're going to throw stones at the actors, it's good to remember that we're all part of the same play, as a character or as an audience, we all wear masks. Therefore, "let him that is free from sin cast the first stone" (John 8:1-7), for we have all been hypocrites more than once in our lives. "Justice, mercy, and faith are more important than seeking perfection based on incorrect standards (Matthew 23:23).


Before answering in detail, I would like to counter with the common extension: It all depends who it is, for what reason they're traveling, when and where they're going, and under which circumstances. Exactly! Things are generally not simply black or white.

What's Wrong With Flying Anyway?

So to back up a bit, the reason why flying is so frowned upon among climate advocates are the high carbon emissions associated with air travel, which is directly related to rising global temperatures. So clearly, if someone is preaching for curbing our emissions globally, they should lead by setting a good example, and hence find other, more environmentally sound travel solutions. Makes sense, right?


Whilst we might be ahead in time (I'm writing to you from the future right now), I'm ashamed to say that Australia has been ranked alongside the bottom five nations in the world in a global assessment of where we're heading with emissions, according to the CCPI index which measures the performance of 57 countries and the EU. Not only this, but our climate change policy ranks as the worst in the world, and with the recent approval of the Adani coal mine, there's little wonder that many Australians are appalled at government inaction. The recent bushfires in Sydney has brought this debate to the forefront, with the usual infighting amongst politicians that seem to prefer attacking each other than taking real action to address the crisis.


I wasn't going to answer this at first, for it really didn't concern me that much and I learned awhile ago not to get agitated over such things or to set blame on anyone. I learned that it is more important to clear out my own place or doings first, before being concerned about what others are doing.

I use to belong to the environmental society and went to the meetings (I had to drive a couple of hours to get there, although I had the trip have combined purposes) and wondered why more people weren't becoming involved but as I assessed things, I found it was more effective, if I started with myself, my home base and branch out from there, supporting efforts that work towards sustainability, Eco-friendly or those that are active as Eco-warriors in their endeavors to bring about change for the good!

So in my eyes, yes, it is a bit of a hypocritical action but one should weigh what good they are doing, which may have necessitated a flight as opposed to the pollution caused from flying!


"But why don't you just fly?" was the question of my week, in more ways than one. You see, I traveled this week. The slo-mo way, by bus, between countries, here in South East Asia. From Chiang Mai, Thailand to Vientiane in Laos PDR, to be exact.And while I was on the road I had plenty of time to ponder Ecotrain's Question of the Week, Are Eco Warriors hypocrites for flying?"

Being well-schooled, my first inclination is always to unpick and question the question. Which leads to two questions: What is an eco warrior and What is a hypocrite? Let's start with the easy bit first:

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Hypocrisy is not acting out of alignment with best case beliefs, but rather spouting and shouting about the need for one thing, and doing another. But IS an Eco Warrior someone who stands up and bleats to everyone about the need to be vegan to save the world? Or is that a thoughtless Eco Zealot?


In 2016 people, dubbed the water protectors, were flocking to help protest the oil pipeline being built under the river at Standing Rock, potentially putting the local water supply at risk. They were travelling in for miles around in order to back up the natives who were being pushed aside and coming under attack from police in order to force them out of the way. So many people rallied to their aid, that eventually they won out and the pipeline didn't cross the river there.

The plight of the indigenous and everyone's effort was heard about across the world. It was talked about on social media and had it not become so high profile, the chances are that the pipeline would have been built there no matter how much they protested. Yet not everyone was supportive of all the people who travelled in to help with the protests. There were comments which pointed out that the fuel used by all those who drove or flew in only served to demonstrate why a pipeline was needed. There were accusations of hypocrites! flying around. Yet had only those who could get there by foot, bicycle or canoe gone, then they would not have had the success that they did. People used the resources they had available to get a result that was important and they raised awareness to some important issues at the same time.


This is my response to the ecoTrain QOTW. This one of my first attempts to sit down and speak facing the camera! Im really camera shy, so this is helping me get over it. Sorry the editing is not the best, oh and I hope i dont offend anyone near the end whilst i rant about guilt and ignorance, it just came out like that.


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There were some REALLY THOUGHTFUL responses, no?? I love the way you encourage reflection, growth and engagement with QOTW. Thank you. x

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I agree with @stortebeker it all depends on and nothing is as black or white as painted although in many cases we are brainwashed that way. It it comes to it the world not became a better, cleaner place in the past years, decennia, although so many has changed...
Merry days to all. 💕

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