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Eco Living Weekly celebrates our collective efforts to live more harmoniously on Mother Earth, and walks hand-in-hand each week with @ecotrain's other eco-village curation, Global Steem Village News. It's a "best of" from posts on the steem blockchain this past week which have used the #ecotrain tag.

What kind of content will get you curated here? Practical, thoughtful, creative and personal posts about literally Making the World a Better Place. From recycling, art, natural health and organic-permaculture to eco-travel, creating change, spirituality, art-poetry-music, natural food preparation and growing-storing-preserving your food and natural medicine. Please attribute quoted material and images which aren't your own, and be thoughtful. You need to use the #ecotrain tag to be considered for an upvote. And please make at least part of your post in the English language - we MANUALLY curate so we need to be able to understand the gist of your post.

We DON'T require you to delegate to @ecotrain, but we'd ask you to please consider it. You can take it back at any time, no questions or stress. Delegation is nothing more than a LOAN of your SP so we can give YOU juicier upvotes. It's a no brainer, really. We also don't REQUIRE you to upvote or support others (all too school-marmy for us!) but, again, we'd ask you to simply give to others what you' like to receive, which is a generous upvote and a thoughtful comment.

MUCH APPRECIATION for the wonderful posts this week.

Please: read, upvote, comment, resteem the posts we've selected for you. Share them on twitter, facebook and your other social media. And start writing YOUR next @ecotrain post.


Salute your Health | Rescue DIY! Birdsong Bum


Making your own personal care products carries with it not only economy
and the certainty of great, pure ingredients and minimal packaging, but
also the joy of sharing natural goodness with those you love.
@birdsinparadise made some baby bottom balm for the newest grandson and
shares the recipe and the how-to. Eco-living at its finest.



How to recover old dead sulfated solar and car batteries FULL


Saving money AND saving one more battery from landfill after you rejuice
and reinvigorate it? @eco-alex gives us the "how to" on recovering old

Read More:


Bali Q : Bali Emergency Plastic Waste and Clean


The local Balinese community tackling single-use plastic pollution and
water scarcity issues on Bali. @ayjoe shares the local work happening
to repair and restore after decades of relentless over-tourism.



We've created 17 School Environmental Clubs and trained over 500,000
students in local and global environmental issues | The Greens'10th


Environmental education is a beginning for eco-living, and few do it
better, or with more drive and passion, than @thegreens in Bamenda,
Cameroon, West Africa. Celebrating 10 years of educational programs
this year, it's mind-boggling to see what a few committed people can
achieve over time.



The role of biopores in our


Disposing of organic waste in a really clever way which nourishes the
soil? @rokhani shows us quite simply how to make biopores which are
wonderful in flood-prone land.



Biohacks of Vibration: Elevating Emotions (Theory and


Biohacks to elevate emotions and create brain and heart coherence? It's
possibly the BEST thing you can ever do for this planet! When you are
happy, well and overflowing with purpose and creativity, the world is
collectively healed and empowered. We are, arguably, the first ecosystem
we need to clean, rebalance and heal, before we can start on Mother
Earth. And when we vibrate differently, everything changes!





Enjoying the natural world is a far better motivator for caring for
Mother Earth than fear. @papa-pepper continues to educate & delight &
share his love for the natural world. Such a cutie little frog!



Street Magic - 11 Recent Curb Recycling Finds Salvaged & Sold For $878
(50 Pounds


Making a very decent income from kerbside "finds"? No one does it quite
like "our matt". Be inspired! Keeping huge amounts of "waste" out of
landfills while creating BARGAINS for others? Serious karma points being
racked up here!


As the eco-village project in Portugal begins its manifestation,
@eco-alex has generously offered a 4 week FREE Non Violent Communication
workshop to draw people to higher levels of relating and understanding.
So much incredible learning and growing to be had... please join in!

Non Violent Communication Workshop


Non Violent Communication Workshop 2: Identifying Feelings When
Speaking and


Non Violent Communication Workshop 3: Identifying Feelings When
Speaking and


Please don't forget to use the tags #ecotrain and #nvc and to post you
url in the comments of any relevant NVC post.

AND we'd love you to share your post to twitter using the tags #steem #ecotrain and #nvc and then invite you to post the twitter url back into your steem post with a #POSH tag. Yes, we're getting serious about getting steem out there in the twittersphere... there's a bull run on the way!

The Ecotrain Question of the Week is one way that we, as a digital community, engage and share, learn and inform about things that matter. The QOTW is open to anyone, and this week's question is related to our companions here on Mother Earth - our animal friends.

🌍 ecoTrain QOTW: "What's the smartest thing you've seen an animal do?"


ANYone can contribute!! Let us know your post URL in the comments of the Launch Post ^^ so we can upvote, comment, engage, support and curate you in our Tie Up Post. This QOTW, Season 3, Number 6, closes Wednesday 12th February! You have plenty of time to post!!!

The Steem Community of Thought grows and evolves as we grapple with some of the challenges of life.

And FINALLY the ECO coin is on sale for investors with a heart and alignment with Eco-Village. Just a reminder of how ECO is different, and how we propose to create value.

What is ecoVillage Coin, what makes it different, the investment model,
Is now the best time to


We hope you have enjoyed these eco-living posts - please LAVISH them with upvotes, reblogs, comments and engagement.

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Most importantly, consider writing under the #ecotrain tag this coming week - we love all posts eco-green, earth building, spiritual and natural, but mostly as those things relate to personal eco-living change and the building and evolution of eco-community.

Wishing you peace, abundance & connection as together we try to walk

more lightly on Mother Earth.

Much love to you all from @eco-alex and @artemislives.

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