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Eco Living Weekly celebrates our collective efforts to live more harmoniously on Mother Earth, and walks hand-in-hand each week with @ecotrain's other eco-village curation, Global Steem Village News. It's a "best of" from posts on the steem blockchain this past week which have used the #ecotrain tag.

What kind of content will get you curated here? Practical, thoughtful, creative and personal posts about literally Making the World a Better Place. From recycling, art, natural health and organic-permaculture to eco-travel, creating change, spirituality, art-poetry-music, natural food preparation and growing-storing-preserving your food and natural medicine. Please attribute quoted material and images which aren't your own, and be thoughtful. You need to use the #ecotrain tag to be considered for an upvote. And please make at least part of your post in the English language - we MANUALLY curate so we need to be able to understand the gist of your post.

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January Gardeners Swap Meet: Zucchini, Cabbage & Boxes of


Nothing screams 'eco-living' and 'community' more than a local gardening group. @riverflows shares some of her spoils (pictures, anyway) and the joys she receives and shares with her local group. Have YOU ever thought of starting a local gardening group?



How low impact living might help solve my cost of living


Low impact living as a way to solve cost of living and financial
pressure? @revisesociology takes a detailed look at the math behind
eco-living, and why it makes sense to get off-grid and out of the system.



Energy -


Energy is life, and we think we're all agreed we need to collectively
rethink energy sources and energy usage as the global population
explodes and competition for natural resources increases. @scholaris
gives us a neat overview of solar energy - a great starting point for
eco-living newbies.





Continuing his unbelievably constant posting, @icedrum updates us
not only about space weather and how it impacts us "down here", but
shares the great news from Thailand aboout an environmental initiative
for turning rice straw - normally burned in ugly seasonal dirty
smokefests - into paper and disposable plates and cups. We all need to
support this stuff when we can, and appreciate the news ad updates. If
solar and space weather is your 'thing', follow @icedrum!



Street Magic - Another Monster Recycling Find Of $3,100 In 10 Minutes
On My Street - Hustle


"Our Matt" hit one out of the park this week, with a kerbside 'find' that he was able to fix for $10 and has listed for sale for $3,000!! As he says, hustle pays. Not only that, @steemmatt is keeping a HUGE amount of stuff out of landfill, while making other people happy and meeting their needs. If you've ever thought of tossing in the 9-5 grind, follow @steemmatt for incredible inspiration.



Hate veganism but love the planet? Here's what you should


Love to hate vegans and veganism? @fenngen wrote a truly probing, mindful and excellent post bout veganism and what you should do if you truly love the planet and feel the need to eat meat. Totally worth your time to read and consider this provocative post. Spoiler alert: he's not a big fan of so-called vegans who eat processed, mono-cropped GMO crap either.





Steem's own @homesteaderscoop store is blessed to have @papa-pepper putting great seeds and goodies out there. Being able to buy the seeds for gorgeous gourds? Oh yes. Whether you're an artist painting gourds, making musical instruments, or simply needing fee or kitchen scoops, he's got it sorted for you. Just need some good soil in a sunny spot. If you buy seeds, please consider checking out the @homesteaderscoop store FIRST and buying from our steem-fam.



Trees For Bees #3: Vernonia (Bitter


Planting flowering trees for bees is a huge part of improving crop yields and making the whole world happier and more fertile. @artemislives shares #3 in her series - the amazing natural medicine tree, Vernonia. Gotta say, the bees look very happy! What do YOU actively plant to encourage more and happier bees?

Read More:


Sustainable News #10 (AgriTech, Plastics &


Sustainable news from @vlemon about the blockchain and single-origin,
organic coffee (awesome!), oatmilk in more mainstream products and a
thoughtful article about how the popular plastic bans may be harming
the environment in other ways and actually increasing our carbon footprint.


Growing out of the first communication challenges in Portugal this last week with the eco-village start up team, @eco-alex has generously offered a 4 week FREE Non Violent Communication workshop. So much incredible learning and growing to be had... please join in!

relationships and your


And we have the first module!!

NVC Primer: Observation, Feeling, Need, Request & Natural


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Thank you, once again, @artemislives, @ecotrain, and @eco-alex for your review and support. Phase I of the energy series is winding down. I have wind and geothermal power left to cover. After that:

  • Energy - Synergy. Linking the electrical with the biological. It is a review of the current means of power production and its similarity to a human cell.
  • Energy Phase II - Experimental Forms of Power Production (Not in practice, but exists)
  • Energy Phase III - Theoretical Forms of Power Production (Theory only)
  • Phase III wraps up our discussions on Energy, but not on Environmentalism or Society.

Energy is a critical component of civilization. Remove it from our society, and it crumbles. However, there are other factors at play here just as significant, namely:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Religion (Belief System)
  • Value (Currency, Finances)

The synergy between all these factors must exist for society to function harmoniously with our home. I'll be writing about those too, but I'm not sure of the order yet. Have a great weekend.


Always nice to see a steemian with a posting plan. 😊

There is definitely a plan...that changes apparently. In my efforts to write about power production I forgot to add biomass power and, of course, power transmission. Hundreds of thousands of power lines throughout the planet. There is definitely an environmental impact in transmitting power.

Love it. The effort, the posts, the heart. Much love!! Xx

Busy Monday hugs back to you @riverflows! 😍💚