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May the Blue Bird of Happiness sit on your shoulder and sing in your garden! Happy New Year from Eco Living Weekly and @ecotrain!

Eco Living Weekly celebrates our collective efforts to live more harmoniously on Mother Earth, and walks hand-in-hand each week with @ecotrain's other curation, Eco Village News. It's a "best of" from posts on the steem blockchain this past week which have used the #ecotrain tag.

What kind of content will get you curated here? Practical, thoughtful, creative and personal posts about literally Making the World a Better Place. From recycling, art, natural health and organic-permaculture to eco-travel, creating change, spirituality, art-poetry-music, natural food preparation and growing-storing-preserving your food and natural medicine. Please attribute quoted material and images which aren't your own, and be thoughtful. You need to use the #ecotrain tag to be considered for an upvote. And please make at least part of your post in the English language - we MANUALLY curate so we need to be able to understand the gist of your post.

We DON'T require you to delegate to @ecotrain, but we'd ask you to please consider it. You can take it back at any time, no questions or stress. Delegation is nothing more than a LOAN of your SP so we can give YOU juicier upvotes. It's a no brainer, really. We also don't REQUIRE you to upvote or support others (all too school-marmy for us!) but, again, we'd ask you to simply give to others what you' like to receive, which is a generous upvote and a thoughtful comment.

MUCH APPRECIATION for the wonderful posts this week.

Please: read, upvote, comment, resteem the posts we've selected for you. And start writing YOUR next @ecotrain post.


Shouldn't the Economy be Supporting the Ecology?

Does it take an environmental disaster to get environmental management on top of the public discussion agenda? Sadly, it would seem so. @minismallholding contrasts her experience in both the UK and Australia and grieves the mass destruction of our natural world and the lack of political will to set sustainable priorities for Australia's economy.

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Environmental Impacts of Mercury

Industry uses the deadly element of mercury in MANY industrial products and processes. We talk about it in vaccines, but what about environmental impacts? @scholaris presents us with some sobering cases and asks some very important questions.

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The Need To Rehabilitate Ex Mining Land

Preservation of virgin forest tends to sometimes eclipse the critically important priority of rehabilitating ex-mining land. @rokhani takes us through some of the issues and invites us to do more. Is there ex-mining land close to you left bare and destroyed? What might you be doing to encourage reforestation?

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My First Wonderbag Meal! {Cabbage Soup}

Greatly reducing your reliance on energy to cook your food? Oh yes - this is an OLD cooking technique widely used from Polynesia to Africa and beyond. @plantstoplanks shows us her first Cabbage Soup cooking in a wonderbag and yes, this looks pretty wonderful! Definitely a MUST GET for smart energy use. Clever DIY types can easily make one of these at home - coconut fibre matting (used for orchids and found in plant nurseries) is great as an insulating material.

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New Medicine For The New Year

Keeping yourself as freed as possible from Big Pharma requires re-planning to make sure your natural medicine cabinet is full - it's an important part of Eco Living. @nateonsteemit has been busy making Poke Weed Tincture - an important anti-bacterial tincture that's a serious must have (if you happen to live where poke weed grows).

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The Greens 2020 resolutions for Mother Earth: Green Resolutions

10 years of eco-green activism in West Africa has given @thegreens some serious street cred! They've set themselves some BIG challenges for the enxt decade and honestly, they're challenges EVERY community needs to be laying down for themselves and working towwards. How does YOUR community stack up against these resolutions?

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Salute your Health | DIY Self Care with Bird Song!

DIY self-care is an important part of Eco Living and @birdsinparadise share with us a great recipe for lip balm. Always nice to make a batch to give away, and use yourself! Did you know that 40% of your lip product ends up in your stomach? What's in YOUR lip balm? If you're not making it yourself, search the ingredients and make sure yours is safe and health-affirming! And please don't use palm oil products!

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The Essential Unity of Existence

Appreciating the diversity of creation in the natural world and APPRECIATING it leads to harmonious co-existence; you could argue that it is the beginning and the heart of Eco Living. Few do it better than @sallybeth23 who shares her photo essay (and who inspired the Blue Bird of Happiness thought which led to this issue's blue bird banner.

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Most importantly, consider writing under the #ecotrain tag this coming week - we love all posts eco-green, earth building, spiritual and natural, but mostly as those things relate to the building and evolution of eco-community.

Wishing you a New Year full of inspiration, connection and community as we together try to walk more lightly on Mother Earth.

Much love to you all from @eco-alex and @artemislives.


Thank you very much for including my writing. I have spent two decades involved in nuclear power, waste management, water chemistry, and radiation physics. There is no shortage of material. Your support makes my writing possible.

You have some awesome contributions to make - look forward to reading, curating and supporting you!


Wow. Thank you very much!

Very happy to hear this! Keep it up! ;)

Thank you for including my post. I hope that #ecotrain will become a guide for Steemian in supporting the saving of the earth and can be an attraction for everyone as long as everyone is involved in preserving nature.
Warm regard form Indonesia

We do our best... blessing x

I see your team have worked hard and focus on the right direction

Nice posts this week @rokhani - keep it coming! Appreciating your contributions. :)

Thank you and I will support with my little contribution

Just GREAT content this last week - there were easily another 10 posts I could have chosen. Inspired by the renewed @ecotrain zeal, focus and contributions!!

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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the new year is off to a great start! lovely curation!

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A lovely roundup! Always finding great new tips and tricks from people using the #ecotrain tag!