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Consolidating our energy towards a global network of steem-based eco-communities has been an exciting shift of focus for @ecotrain. We deliberately and consciously curate those posts which speak to the issues, challenges and needs of the emerging steem eco-communities around the world.

GREAT content this week - here are some of the gems, eco-green wisdom & insight shared under the #ecotrain tag this week on the steem blockchain. Even if you don't have VP or RC to upvote, a meaningful comment is usually upvoted by a smart author, so please go and lavish your appreciation and engagement on this great content.

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@ecotrain is a artisan-hand-curated community built around the concept of gift economy and actively making our world a better place. We engage around sustainability, eco-green, permaculture, the glories of Mother Earth, inner transformation, alternative energy, earthships & earth building, recycling - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of paradigm shift.

Each week @eco-alex and @artemislives scour the steemit blockchain for people using the tag, and upvote-comment-curate in the best way they know how.


Upvote this eco-community curation and our featured posts if you can. Comment, resteem this curation and a few of the posts. Follow, engage and enjoy.

It's Happening!!

In an incredible demonstration of synergistic manifestation, the first Steem-Based Eco-Village is ALREADY being birthed by @eco-alex and @orlev in Portugal. Woooo Hoooo! Thoughts DO very rapidly become Things when we imbue them with the Magic of Pure Intention. The whole steemiverse caught the enthusiasm as the news rocketed to be the leading story on Steem News.

Eco-Village Update: Land Acquired In Portugal, Website Launch, Ecovillage Token is Live

Whilst Steem is largely a technical endeavour that usually supports technical blockchain projects, I believe we also need to also use it to promote and engage with the deep world issues that Blockchain is here to solve. Would it not be amazing to see a successful Steem supported ecoCommunity like this on the mainstream news?! ... And how good would that be for the support and price of Steem?! ; -)

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Meanwhile, community, life and the groundswell of eco-community continued to gain momentum around the globe.


First Water: Celebrating the Return of Water to the Land

Every homesteading family, eco-community and eco-village has to engage with the annual rainfall cycles. @wildhomesteading shares his elation at the return of the rains after the dry season, and shares his plans for creating passive watering systems to enable more abundance on his wild homestead.

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Supporting Steem EcoVillage

"To overcome the problems caused by the negative impact of the industry we need to make alternative solutions. One of them is to build an ecosystem-based industry. By developing a focus on hospitality to the environment it is hoped that it will be able to minimize negative impacts without reducing its effectiveness and efficiency.
In Steem, I found a positive activity that wanted to bring the anatar of human life closer to the environment called the ecovillage project."

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Pruning A Special Tree In Memory Of My Dad

A spirit of place in eco-village-community is enriched and enhanced by the energy of those who came before, and have traveled on. The choice to put down roots was reflected so sweetly by @farm-mom as she prunes a tree in memory of her late father, 10 years on. A sense of nature, reverence, family and community.

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Embracing Permaculture, Embracing Change

"Permaculture talks a lot about change, how change is inevitable and how we need to design for change, understanding that all things will alter over time. It is how we respond to these changes will shape our sustainable progress in the years to come. Permaculture asks us to look, not only at how things are, but what they will become."

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Building Life Skills for Children: My Personl Experiences Helping Children Gain Confidence

Children MUST be at the heart of eco-village and eco-community because it is through them that we will change the future. @nainaztengra shares her experiences of building confidence in children, and how it is our support of them while they learn to deeply trust themselves and their natural world that is critical, and sheer magic.

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The Earth Revives With The Cry Of Heaven

To begin each day, and serenade each dusk, with the songs, hymns and poems inspired by Mother Earth... @zeleiracordero takes us back to the seed, the essence and the sheer JOY of the Earth.

I land on fertile soil,
Earth breastfeed me,
it's so simple to live the simple life,
having roots again.

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Ecotrain Question of the Week

Exploring the underpinnings of eco-village and eco-community is often done through our QOTW. This week it's a biggie:

Who Do You Trust & How Do You Trust?

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Most importantly, consider writing under the #ecotrain tag this coming week - we love all posts eco-green, earth building, spiritual and natural, but mostly as those things relate to the building and evolution of eco-community.

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So much awesome thinking and sharing around the idea-reality of eco-community. Wonderful contributions this week, everyone. Brava!!

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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Glad to know you including my post. i hope it can inspire many other Steemian.

Thank you so much for including my post in this week's selections.
Appreciate it.
Time to start reading all the rest of this week's list of contributors.😊

Grateful for so much love received. I am honored to appear in this beautiful selection by @ecotrain.

Wonderful posts and very exciting happenings abound! Loving the new energy around eco villages.

such a wonderful collection of posts and so so excited about the Eco Village in Portugal xx

Thank you for sharing my post!

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