🌍 Steem ecoVillage Journal #8 : Will we start building this year!?

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Hey everyone! Happy new decade!!! I'm just getting back on my feet after a pretty festive and busy new year. This year i made 50 pizzas for guests of Karuna, using only a frying pan. It was a blast, and amazingly I managed to get everyone fed and then some! oooh who needs ovens ;-)

So it's time for an update on eco Village, and the exciting news that we could potentially start building something this year! DID you hear me right!? ;-)) @orlev is already busy investigating the building permissions scene on the land, and I am poised to book my ticket to visit Portugal for a trip in March.. I plan to go with a very special man, Jon (AKA @nature-jon), who was once one of our passengers on ecoTrain but stopped posting some time ago. Jon and I go back 24 years and is someone who opitimizes natural giving and is an incredible human being as well as eco builder. I was SO happy when Jon told me he wanted to be a part of ecoVillage, not only because of the wealth of skills he possesses but also because i know he resonates with everything we stand for.

A few years ago I invited Jon to a workshop i was holding here in India. It was the first time we had worked together, and we managed to build an Earthship tiny home with just 14 volunteers working part-time in 14 days! We worked in such hard conditions, and yet managed to get the roof on before he left. It was amazing to witness the speed and energy of the group, who together managed to complete this small home in such a short amount of time. It is for this reason and more that I am so confident that we will manage to not only build quickly but also at incredibly low cost.

So the plan right now is that in March we will meet and talk about many things, and most importantly we will discuss the build of the first tiny home and our Dance festival. This dance festival will be a celebration of the accomplishment of the first structure on the ecoVillage, as well as being a celebration of bringing this new paradigm of life to the world. It will also be a fundraiser to help us bring in some funds to help us pay for the costs of setting up the ecoVillage as a legal entity.

Once we have completed this first tiny home, it will put us in a position to be able to estimate costs for our first actual Earthship home for community members. We will endeavour to have zero labour costs, and we already have the skilled labour and support we need to do that between Jon, myself, @orlev, and a few others who have pledged to help us manifest this! We will do our very best to source out local, second hand, and free materials wherever possible. I cannot wait to start driving around Portugal looking for nice old bits of discarded wood, metal and other materials to help us build something beautiful.

So keep your eyes open for more updates.. I am about to start Vlogging so I can share and speak more personally about some of the reasons for why I am engaged with ecoVillage as a top priority in my life.. As many of you know, I have a lot to say on the subject!

That's all for now, thanks to all of you who have given me so much encouragement and support.. I really hope that some of you on Steem will join us for our first workshop when we start building something! WoW!

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That's super exciting to hear things coming together! Here's hoping the regulations allow everything to keep to schedule.

Count me in for a bit of eco-building, if you need anymore drudge-labour!

Happy New Year

we'll make it work! you can count on that~
and YES would be great to meet you there on day in the not to distant future!
Are you on the community network website? ILl be posting a lot there once we get some details firmed up.. <3


Hi - good to see such commitment, I am on the network, I'll keep an eye out, I'm very keen to transition out of the UK this year!

An Earthship tiny home...! What an exciting concept. Did you come up with the design? Would love to know more about it. At Earthship Biotechture there is the Simple Survival model, which is nice, but in my opinion could be simplified further still... as many people have tired with great results. In fact, in these next couple months I'll be building something like that with my theater friends in Mazunte, which I hope to post on extensively. :-)
Awesome that things are taking off so nicely. This year promises to be so full of great things! I'm psyched...

well i have ideas! but its something that jon and I will decide with the rest of the gang in March.. Mike has a new encounter model now.. something simpler than the GLobal.. but a step up from the survival model.. there are SO many ways to build them without spending nearly what mikes plans dictate... as we shall demonstrate ;=-)

Wow... Looking forward to reading all about that.
Keep us posted!

Soooo good to hear your plans & enthusiasm!! Looking in my contacts list for portuguese friends & clients, & at the ready to help with international marketing for your awesome dance festival.

A year of manifestation.... so may it be! πŸ’š

oooh a comment in between my token spam..
thanks for digging up your contacts! very cool
here we gooooo xx

Seats in the upright position, tray table secured & seatbelts fastened....! πŸš€

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A huge hug from @amico! πŸ€—

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Let us know :)

What exciting news πŸ˜… I wrote to you a few weeks ago by steemchat to share a green puppet project I am developing in Venezuela, and to tell you about a tokenized ecological home project I am planning with my partner. Here is my aka in discord @arrozymangophoto#8542


Hey. Oh i havent used steem chat in years! Thanks for sharing , best of luck!

How you made 50 pizzas with a frying pan is a miracle on its own and I'm glad things are falling in place for your project. Goodluck

it is a bit -) i did have some help luckily! thanks belemo!

this is all so exciting, I am so looking forward to all the progress and hope to help in any way that I can. Would love to know how you done the pizzas in a pan, that deserves a post of it's own xxxxx

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Love! Love! Love! seeing the unfolding of this dream of an Eco Village starting to become a reality!
Will watch for your vlogging and updates to keep in the loop!
I'm so happy for you recconnecting with your old friend who

resonates with all you stand for!

I see great things happening! All the best!