Finding your bliss, knowing... letting go

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In these busy and confusing times we sometimes need inspiration from other wise souls to enlighten our thoughts and our minds. Re-discovering our inner peace and contentment and knowing it to be our natural state can be an illusive destination, especially when we are surrounded by the constant barrage of hypnotic suggestion and conflicting messages from our world. Never before have we been subjected to such an intense stream of information and media, mostly put out to trap us, convince us we are not enough and that we need more. The truth is, we need nothing more than to be present with ourselves, here in this very moment where everything is imperfectly perfect, just as it is. Life is imperfect, and dualistic, and desire is a never ending spiral that has no limits or goals. Desire is the food of the ego mind, fed and encouraged but with no truth or aims past the need to acquire more.

Once we learn to understand how our mind works, what it is, and what we are we can start to let go of desire. it is desire and the never ending greed that associated with it that causes our misery. For us to know what and who we really are, and to understand that the greatest joy and bliss that resides within us all the time, just waiting to be heard and felt.. we have to let go and make a sincere inquiry. It is only when the waves of thought that disturb our vision of the truth subside that we can come to know our own bliss in each and every moment. The great sages who radiate intense joy and love desire nothing for themselves, they only seek to feel their love for all life and to love all and serve all. By service to mankind we can forget ourselves and our misery disappears. Only then can we understand the connectedness of all that is, and play a part in spreading peace love and respect to our essence, our core, and what we really are.

I would like to share an inspirational quote with you, spoken by a great divine being who is no longer with us in physical form, and yet his gifts to the world continue to radiate and uplift those who hear him. His name doesn't matter, but his message sure does. I hope this inspires you as it has so many others who have discovered the secret to happiness and joy in this crazy and illusionary world.

You must know that each one is a pilgrim and each life is but a stage in the journey towards the city of liberation. This body is a rest-house, in which we stay for a short time during this pilgrimage. The mind is the caretaker, the watchman in the choultry where we rest. We are not to treat him as if he is master or owner. But, we ought to take care that the house we are privileged to occupy is not damaged or polluted. We have to take good care of it and its furnishings, and treat the watchman politely. The pilgrim is either helped or handicapped by the antics of the mind. The mind has as its warp and woof, desire or thirst for something or other, getting some gain or avoiding some loss. Desire arises from attachment, often the consequence of delusion. Desire distorts and denigrates the mind. It keeps the mind incessantly agitated. The bliss which emanates from the Atma has, in fact, to be stored, with the help of buddhi (the intellect) as a channel, in the reservoir of the mind. That is its genuine function.

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Such a beautifully written reminder @eco-alex that desire, greed, and fear create negativity. The incestuous need for the media in today’s world to pollute minds and brainwash needs to be tuned out. Your beautiful reminder is so important in today’s world. Get outside, work on a hobby, read a book, almost anything other than turning on a news feed of any type. Many of us here no this - it’s how we help others awaken to the same.

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Knowing thyself can surely help to understand the universe, it may sound wired but this is what it is. I also believe what you are saying about the human journey. It makes sense and gives meaning to our existence.

Thanks a lot! It does make sense doesnt it ;) xx

Beautifully written! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to look within, find the inner peace and joy! May there be peace on earth and goodwill towards all mankind and beings!

And so it is ;). Xx

Let there be more inspiration, and more TRUTH about the way the mind works! When we are rooted in truth, we are free to inspire and uplift others, and to BE at higher levels.

Lovely post, my dear.

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Agree! Knowing oneself is above all, and necessary before you can help others around you. I am always trying to find the balance between working hard while still maintaining the ability to "let it go" if things don't work out, and not letting stress arise.

Amigo eco-alex gracias por compartir este nutritivos por post. Me encanto la cita que aunque físicamente quien la escribió esta ausente, pero su mensaje nos deja algo. saludos desde Venezuela lo invito visitar mi blog hasta luego.

¡gracias! me alegro de que te haya gustado!

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