ecoVillage Journal #2: Poem: Manifesting

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As I prepare to leave the UK after a 10 day visit I have been reminded of why we need another way to live. As I watch the people go about their daily lives, my heart cries. SO alone, so unsupported, so preyed on, so lost, so sad, so much stress, and SO distracted. It's almost too much to watch when I KNOW there is a better way. So before I hop on a plane and fly back to India, where i will have the space and time to work very hard on ecoVillage, I would like to leave with a short poem:


In the midst of the night
Dawn feels days away
The path ahead is beckoning
With a magnetic pull

There is only one path
Though it can't yet be seen
I follow the trail
To where the seeds have been sown
And the gods of change await us

In the midst of the night
The darkenss is dispelled
By hope and courage
And the supportive acts of those unknown

There are only whispers to be heard
From afar
There are only dreams in my heart
From within
But the vision shines brightly
Somewhere yet unseen

This time of great change has finally arrived
Slowly, it seems from the perspective of my mind
And yet it has just been a cosmic heartbeat
In the grand scheme of life

Patience is my magic wand
Courage is my path
Determination is my guide
We have nothing left to lose

ecoVillage is just a word
But soon it will be more
Let's together open our eyes
And open this special door

There's no way up
Theres no way down
There's no other way left that's right
The only way is out

Ill see you on the other side








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Powerful words. I'm with you. Safe travels.

Yes the winds if change are blowing, especially hard - especially now!
Great Poem!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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"the darkness is dispelled by hope and courage".... and by those who choose to be and share the light. Thank you. x

I like the seeds strewn by those unknown. Very much.

Wish you safe travels back to Karuna.

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thanks babe! <3 xxx

Wow.... Just... Wow..... What powerful words...
"There's no way up
There's no way down
There's no way let that right
The only way is out"
I love it. I'm going to be repeating this to people all week...

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Thank you brother!.. it flowed easily whilst being in babylon.. or Brighton as they call it.. I still love that place, but man what an oppressive regime that capitalism is! So good to see a few old friends, but also painful to watch how they live, and how their z generation children experience life.. uughhH!

I love the poem Alex thanks for writing it. Blessings.

That's it! It's happening, it's growing in the hearts of many. The Light is with you, @eco-alex...
Beautiful poetry! A hug and a lot of love for you.

Totally love this one dude -

Patience is my magic wand
Courage is my path
Determination is my guide
We have nothing left to lose

Good stuff, really like it.

thanks bro!

Me too! One of my favourite parts... (is it weird I immediately want to tattoo the words...?)

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Yes, it's heartbreaking to look around and see so much suffering, most of which is the result of ignorance.
How about incorporating a "truth" school in every village. Maybe not a separate bldg. but in some volunteers living room, no overhead.
Fill the education void left by state run schools. Every one deserves the truth.

;-) <3

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Great poem,
but are you sure the seeds have been sewn
instead of rather sown?

and you are my spellmaster!

So much truth spoken in this wonderful poem.

You're efforts to change what is wrong with society simply amazes me/
Keep up with the wonderful work you are doing @eco-alex

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