ECOTRAIN QOTW: What is more important for good health... emotions, diet, exercise, positive thinking, or something else?

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MMMmmmm.. After some deep thought I have my answer,.., and a slightly unique answer it may be! As always with the QOTW we can interpret the question in many ways... and on this occasion I am going to interpret the phrase "GOOD HEALTH" to mean not only physical health but also our mental state and overall feeling of well-being.. I mean, its no use being physically fit and healthy if at the same time we are depressed and sad, and likewise there is not much joy to be had if you are in pain and physically out of shape. So, looking at our overall health.. which includes our mental, physical and emotional well-being.. I have my answer... and its not about food, or any kind of natural medicine, or getting up at 5am to meditate.. followed up by a 2 hour yoga session.. SO WHAT CAN IT BE I hear you ask!?

Isn't it interesting, and somewhat sad, that when one of an elderly couple dies .. the other often also dies very shortly after? Whilst it may be quite clear why that is the case, it opens up the door to the answer that I believe is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect for overall good health. WE NEED THE FOLLOWING THINGS IN OUR LIVES, and without them only an enlightened being can live a healthy life. I could boil all of these things down to one word actually, and that word is COMMUNITY, im tempted to say family, but actually just having INTIMATE, LOVING, NURTURING, SUPPORTIVE people around us is absolutely crucial to our well-being and health.

Those of you who are lucky enough to come from close loving families will most likely be happy and healthy people.. i would even go so far as to say successful in whatever endeavour they choose. It is ALWAYS to clear to me when I meet people whether they have had a good family unit or not.. those who did have that gift emanate such a beautiful, healthy, happy, balanced energy.. and those who didn't have a close supportive family tend toward the opposite... I’m sure if i spent about 20 hours doing some statistical analysis I could back this theory up with hard numbers... but i don’t feel like i need to.. its just so clear to me.

The truth is.. we can eat whatever crap we like, do no exercise, never meditate, smoke like a chimney.. and all those bad things.. but IF we had a solid backbone of strong community or family we are most likely going to be OK, healthy, happy people!

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too crazy to you, and if it does.. well I may have to go dig up those statistics!


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That is not the least bit crazy. I think this would boost ones will to live, and that in turn would strengthen the immune system. It also of course attracts positive energy from others, amplifying joyfulness which is another healing "thing". Not crazy at all! Love it.

I agree to some extent, and I do love people, and there's many studies that suggest people are super important to our health. But for me? Give me a quiet place away from people - I find them hard work! I get burn out pretty easily from other people's energies and am energized by time alone. That said, I couldn't do without my family or my mate for life hubby, whose hugs get me through everyday. - @riverflows xxx

haha,, i mean,, i live on a mountain in remote india for a reason too! ;-) but FAMILY,.. when you are like a child,, well that is different.. esp if you have a good loving family!