DON'T MISS THIS WEEKS ECOTRAIN QOTW: 💯 STEEM IN PRIZES!!! "In what ways has centralisation failed us?"

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Hey everyone! A couple of days ago I posted this weeks question, but if you missed it there are still 6 days to post! This is a topic that is close to my heart, and one that i think still needs MUCH more exposure and education for the masses. My plan is to use the answers that you all write to help me make a YouTube video that will teach others why we are all so passionate about decentralisation. It's amazing that your average person has no idea what damage is being done to our world by the centralised systems of power and money. This should be the topic of our age, and yet no one is talking about it! So I hope you can help me by contributing to this video and help me make it as powerful as I can! SO, here is the post, and don't forget to link your post in the comments!


It's that time of the week again, and this week I present you with SUCH an important question! In recent months I have spoken on this topic with a few old friends whom live in the matrix, but i also consider to be quite open minded. Nevertheless, it has struck me and made me feel quite frustrated that they seem totally oblivious to the total mess that our centralised systems have put us in. Isn't it interesting that every political system we have today, whether it be capitalism or communism, is based on a totally centralised system.. and all are completely corrupt. Isn't it interesting how every political system on the planet is focused solely on power and money in an attempt to dominate the world at any cost? This is just one example of how centralisation has failed us, and by us I mean you and me, and ultimately everyone.

It isn't like me to focus on the negative, but sometimes its just necessary. This week I want us decentralisation pioneers to dig deep and share with the world just how centralisation has failed us. It is fair to say that you can look at almost any negative aspect of life in this world and see how it stems from the centralised way of doing things.. We can look at inequality, racism, war, poverty, mental health, child abuse, health, climate, corruption and underpinning them all is Centralisation! I am looking VERY forward to reading your responses on this QOTW, and from the tie-up post I will create something special! Perhaps a poster, or a video that we can share with the world to help them understand!

This week, to encourage you all, there are prizes! This topic is worth it! So today I am awarding 100 STEEM, to the best posts on this question! I will spread the 100 Steem out over a few people awarded on merit! Bonus points go to posts that include some facts and figures as well as your opinions and observations. It would be great to see some posts with real world examples as well! If you want to write a long list of things, or just focus on one thing that is totally up to you. As always, you make the rules around here in this decentralised anarcho world.

Decentralisation is what ecoVillage is all about! The reasons for embarking on the mission of creating an ecoVillage stretch so much further than just sustainable living, security and climate change. The ecoVillage concept hits on the one thing that is the real root of most of the worlds troubles.. but who wants to see change when they cannot even understand the problem? SO get your pens out, or your video cameras and let it rip folks!



- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this question titled
"In what ways has centralisation failed us"
- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.
- You can post anytime from now until Tuesday 12th November.
- Use the tag 'ecotrain' along with any other tags you wish to use.
- Please also post a link to your post in the comments so that I will be sure to find it and add it to the weekly tie-up post.








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Been pondering hard on this whilst driving today and have a very considered response to pen in the coming days! You can count on a solid contribution from me!! x

ooh GOOD! i was really hoping you would be in on this.... CANT WAIT to see what you come up with.. im gonna have to post on this one too i think!

Maybe EDIT YOUR POST to specifically invite some interesting people to contribute??

u can do it in the comments! you know lots of interesting people! =)

The bug problem is the "Special Interests"..
All of these "people" have special interests (*sometimes hidden agendas...)
And.. they serve them...
Above the obligations and responsibilities of their "JOBS"

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sounds like you might have a post up your sleeve?! ;-)

Maybe, right???
"People Need To Wake Up"!!!
(*Unfortunately, a lot if these "People" are being served, or Want To Be - "from these special interests")
Yeah, a "wake up call" to the "world" is definitely in order!

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yep! I think its coming!

This is such a nice idea to talk about it.
I may not gonna participate this time as I'm going out for a tour. But I would love to see what others talk about this.

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ok! have a great tour wherever you are going! and dont miss the tie up post!

I hope you can put together a great video incorporating ideas from lots of different minds. Here are some of my thoughts...